Announcing the cast for the Spy X Family stage play has fans drowning – Loid, Yor is so beautiful!

Recently, the theatrical version of “The Spy X Family” announced the main cast list. The actors of the stage play “The Spy X Family” won the hearts of the audience with their great incarnations!

What is the Spy X family?

Spy X Family is a manga created by Tatsuya Endo and released on March 25, 2019. The story belongs to the action and love genre, and the main content revolves around a spy who goes by the alias Twilight.

After taking on a special assignment, Twilight takes on a new identity as Loid Forger and starts a family in just… a few days. He has a daughter named Anya – with super powers of mind reading – and his wife is Yul – a notorious female assassin that many people fear. The family of blacksmiths who hide their true identities jointly protect world peace!

In 2022, Spy X Family is being adapted into an anime by Wit Studio and CloverWorks. The story has also received a theatrical adaptation. Recently, information about this “closed” version has come to light.

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Spy X Family Stage Show Cast Announced

In preparation for the upcoming schedule, the Spy X Family stage show has announced its first cast members to play key roles. However, it’s a little hard to find an actor that suits Anya, so I haven’t picked a suitable name yet.

spy x family

Spy X Family Stage Play

spy x family

spy x family

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Spy X Family Reality Show

Character: Franklin Frankie
Actor: Taketo Kimuchi

spy x family

Character: Yuri the Thorns
Actor: Kamiya Kamiya

spy x family

Character: Yuri the Thorns
Actor: Takizawa Tsubasa

spy x family

Character: Henderson “Elegant” Henry
Actor: Suzuki Soma

spy x family

Character: Sherwood Sylvia
Actor: Asaka Masaru

spy x family

Character: Frost Fiona
Actor: Yamaguchi Noka

As planned, the Spy X Family stage play will be staged at the Royal Theater in Japan from March 8, 2023. Because time is running out, maybe soon, we will meet two actors who will play the role of Little Anya. Lag will be updating everything soon, so be sure to stay tuned.

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