Dr. Disrespect threatens to switch to Valorant after Warzone 2 plummets

The threat was a little unexpected… yes.

when war zone 2 attention again disrespect dr, brought so many mistakes that the famous anchor wanted to leave again. The game chosen by the male anchor is “Valorant”.

The YouTuber star has started playing a little bit of Valorant, and while he doesn’t think it’s going to work for him, he wants to give Warzone 2 a try when it doesn’t turn out the way he expected. “I’ll give this game about 2 weeks,” he said with Tim Tatman During the live broadcast on January 14th. “But what exactly should I be playing now?”

PUBG was the first name that came to mind, but he said in recent days that it was “too bad” and “too bad.” He wouldn’t even talk about his love for the Call of Duty series. Although he really wants to experience it and want to be motivated to continue chasing it, the fact is that this question is “very one-sided and boring” in the eyes of the male anchor. Finally, he said with a smile: “I could switch to Valorant full-time.”

Perhaps, Warzone 2 has run into too much trouble for even an avid fan of the series like DrDisrespect to forgive it. Hope the publisher can fix this bug as soon as possible to make the game more fun in the future.

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