The guy who married Hatsune Miku was refused to take his wife to Disneyland Japan

The man famous for marrying Hatsune Miku couldn’t help but regret when he couldn’t take his wife to Disneyland Japan as he wanted.

Akihiko Kondo is a pretty famous name in Japan when he is considered by the cherry online community as the “legal husband” of female Vocaloid, virtual Idol – Hatsune Miku. He also has a pretty comfortable life with his “wife” after getting married a few years ago.

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However, according to a most recent share of Akihiko Kondo then you and the girl Hatsune Miku My friend was banned from going to Disneyland. Specifically, in a post, the guy said he asked Disneyland for permission to bring his “wife” to this amusement park, but the result he received was a disagreement from the side. Disneyland Japan.

Akihiko Kondo and his “wife”

“I decided to bring my amazing Miku to Disneyland and we emailed them to suggest this and the answer was: NO. I’m not even trying to go somewhere I’m not allowed to so I’ll ask. them in the next few years.”

In addition, he also said that in 2014, Disneyland once held a same-sex wedding and he confidently thought that there was an understanding of the diversity of sexual orientations, but the results he received were extremely disappointing.

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Got to know you Akihiko Kondo had two phone conversations, four days waiting for the first response and the next 4 days to get a second response but the result was the same. Also because of this, you Akihiko Kondo that the outcome of this discussion has been multifaceted.

The guy who married Hatsune Miku was refused to take his wife to Disneyland Japan
Not being able to go to Disneyland Japan made me feel extremely disappointed

Three years ago, Akihiko Kondo had a “legal” marriage with Hatsune Miku. He even held a wedding with the participation of a large number of family members and friends, which is why his marriage became quite famous in the online community. .

However, perhaps not everyone agrees and accepts this marriage.