Actress OnlyFans discovers her ex-teacher is one of her number one fans

An Onlyfans star is cashing in on her former teacher despite initially saying she had “nowhere to go”.

Sometimes revenge is sweet to many people, and in this particular case she Vera Dickermans – Currently active on adult platforms only fans.

She is currently one of the highest paid content creators on the platform. Recently, she discovered that one of her followers was very similar to her former teacher. While she dismissed it as a coincidence, when the user messaged her, she was shocked to learn that the person was her former teacher. What’s even more interesting is that he’s one of the biggest benefactors to her on the platform.

In a conversation with DailyStar, Dickmans revealed that while the teacher tried to treat her like everyone else, their perspectives were often very different. “Back then, he was treating me like any other student, but it didn’t work — he said I had nowhere to go in life,” she explained. “After that I took a break from school when I was 15. That’s why I was surprised to see him on my follower list – now he’s one of my followers. And my biggest fan.”

Actress OnlyFans finds out her old teacher is one of her top fans 2

According to the OnlyFans star, a former teacher signed her up for OnlyFans “very annoying” because it reminded her of how strict the teacher was in the classroom. “I never had the impression he liked me when I was at school, let alone such a thing. It was even weirder when he told me he saw me growing up. It was more on social media, and he More and more attracted to me, he reached out.”

Actress OnlyFans finds out her old teacher is one of her number one fans 3

However, her fears seemed to dissipate when the teacher sent her thousands of dollars for a photo shoot of her underwear. Now, she claims to be earning as much as $300,000 a month — the exact opposite of what her teachers once told her was “nothing”.

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