Spoiler Hunter×Hunter 398: Xinli VS Nobunaga——The strange room was discovered!

Spoiler Hunter X Hunter 398, synopsis 397: The flashback ends and we return to the situation on the ship. Xinli suddenly meets Nobunaga!

Hunter X Hunter 397 Summary

Chapter 397 is the final chapter about the past of the Brigade Pirates. Kuroro worried about Sarasa, went on stage to apologize to everyone and asked permission to find her. The children listened and decided to help. Scattered everywhere, searching every corner of the city.

Chrollo and friends find Sarasa’s bag and head into the woods…and find her dead body. A funeral was held. Chrollo and others will retaliate by developing their own abilities. After 3 years, they will get together and execute the plan. So 3 years later, the spider was born.

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Spoiler Hunter X Hunter 398

Hunter x Hunter 398

Title Hunter × Hunter Chapter 398 Search.

Chapter 398 brings us back to the present. According to the spoiler, several elders appeared in front of the spiders and were about to ask for something. However, he was quickly surrounded and dealt with.

On the other side, Schinrig entered a suspicious room…but found no one. However, this room is full of blood, and the walls are covered with special symbols and drawings.

During later events, Nobunaga was also in the room. The two exchanged a few words before Hinrigh opened the door to another room.

Spoiler Hunter X Hunter will be updated soon.

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Hunter X Hunter Release time 398

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 398 is expected to be released on December 12, and the spoiler information Lag.vn will update this article as soon as possible. Please bookmark or bookmark the article so that new information will be updated as soon as possible. .

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