TOP 5 super powerful comics or “social discourse”: every power is ridiculed!

Japanese manga is one of the few entertainment products that allows to combine irony, social satire and strong organizational elements in a very clever way. In this article, Lag will introduce you to the TOP 5 good-looking comics whose content looks funny but turns out to be a critique of the darker side of reality.

Manga are comic works from Japan. In general, it is a tool for entertainment and relaxation. However, some cartoons are also a way for authors to express their views on real life and current events in society.

Top-notch content and harsh criticism, the following TOP 5 good comics are sure to let you know many “raw but true” things. Come on, let’s see how good Japanese cartoonists are.

1. Liar game

Hailed by many as “the best survival game of all time,” Shinobi’s Liar Game follows notorious con man Shinichi Akiyama. After meeting the honest Kanzaki student Nao by chance, Shinichi becomes a player in the “Game of Lies”. Through each round, the winner will win a huge prize. In return, the loser will have to take on some terrible debt. Who will be the last “survival” player? The answer is waiting for you to discover.

In “Liar Game”, which focuses on brain-burning games, extremely subtle elements of social criticism have also been added to increase its appeal. The disparity between rich and poor, the power of money and people’s beliefs are exploited very “overbearing” stories. In a final development, the author also dragged the government and powerful machines into the work, so that the work ends with an extremely haunting sentence:

The darkness is deeper than we thought.

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2. Death Note

death Note

Death Note: Book of Fate is also a pretty good satire. In this work, we will follow Yagami’s journey from being just a gifted student to becoming a serial killer with great power. The content of Death Note touches on many different issues. What stands out, however, is how much “power” can change a person, and how much the value of conscience is to a person’s worth.

3. Monster


As of right now, Monster is one of the “greatest” comics of all time. Bringing content related to the East-West Germany period, Monster talks a lot about politics, underground intrigue, war planning. Through these contents, the monster poses an extremely difficult question to the viewers, that is: in this society, who is a monster and who has become a monster?

In addition to “Monster”, the author Urasawa Naoki has many other comics that also contain satirical elements of society. Some of the big names Lag is looking forward to seeing include 20th Century Boy, Billy Bat, Pluto…

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4. Silver Saji

Gin no Saji

Gin No Saji or Silver Spoon is a manga about the life of student Hachiken and his friends at the agricultural school. The story tells quite a lot of farming and animal husbandry knowledge, and the style is relatively relaxed. However, if you watch carefully, you can easily find that Saji Ginno talks a lot about the prejudice against people in today’s society, about the crap that we have to exercise regularly in order not to be “dead”. The works raise many different thinking questions, although not all of them have answers, but they all leave us with life lessons.

5. Ouroboros


The last name of this TOP 5 good manga will be a dark manga called Ouroboros. The protagonists of this story are Ryuzaki and Tatsuya. Once living together in a small orphanage, the two protagonists suddenly lose everything due to a very “bizarre” murder. It was the police who asked them not to tell the truth in order to cover up the dark truth about the “bigger” forces. In order to find out the truth, Ryuzaki became an investigator, and Tatsuya joined the gang. Combining “light” and “darkness”, the pair of close friends took revenge on the mastermind behind the scenes step by step.

Here are the TOP 5 comics or social satires compiled by Lag. Has Lag forgotten any good names? In your opinion, which is the best realistic manga? Please leave a comment so we can chat.

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