One Piece: Mr. Oda discloses information about Luffy’s mother

Although Luffy’s mother never appears in the One Piece manga, author Oda has mentioned the character several times. What does Luffy’s mother look like? Are you pretty? Let’s find out in the next article!

About Luffy’s mother

In the One Piece manga, we meet many relatives of the protagonist Straw Hat Luffy. Through more than 1,000 chapters, we know that the hero is Garp, the “Hero of the Sea”, his father is the leader of the Dragon Revolutionary Army, and the two sworn brothers are world-famous figures in turn. In addition, the villagers of Fusha Village can also be regarded as Luffy’s family members, and they took care of the boy together.

Although many people have appeared, until now, we still don’t know anything about Luffy’s mother. However, this role does not exist. The author Eiichiro Oda actually mentioned a lot about this woman in his sharing.

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Author Oda describes Luffy’s mother

Luffy's mother

A long time ago, Oda-sensei was interviewed by John Irons. As revealed in the December 2009 issue of American Teen Jump, the interviewer asked what kind of person Luffy’s mother was and whether she was dead. Oda-sensei answered frankly:

I think she is still alive. I’m still thinking about this. But if she showed up, it would be a very tough and strict woman. She is not a pretty mom. She has the hair of a typical middle-aged woman.

Speaking of family, I once wrote a story about Nicole Robin and her family. This is the first time I’ve drawn a character’s remembered mother. […] In Chopper’s case, he is referred to as a boy, even though he is not related by blood. So I wanted to send a message that you can still call people who are not related by blood.

Luffy's mother

Judging from the above sharing, the role of Dadan is probably the closest to the image of Luffy’s mother. This makes sense since the character Dadan was introduced in One Piece in April 2010. His appearance is exactly what Mr. Oda shared before.

To sum up, we can safely say that Dadan is Luffy’s “mother”. However, what about Luffy’s biological mother? Where is she and will she show up? If so, who would she be and what role would she play? Leave your thoughts in the comments section so we can chat.

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