One Punch Man 220 Spoiler Trailer: Shining Wants Saitama as a Disciple?

One Punch Man 220 Spoiler Prediction, Chapter 219 Summary: Saitama starts life in a new home with Black Sperm and Wanderer. Several “friends” will be visiting, including Flashy Flash!

One Punch Man 219 Synopsis

Unlike Rover, Saitama doesn’t seem to like black sperm. He repeatedly refused to adopt Black Dwarf because he was afraid of trouble. After refusing for a while, Saitama brought his two new brothers to his new home—the house arranged for him by the Hero Association.

Switching to the association, we see one person giving a speech on the structure of the building, calling for investment. This building block is full of A-level heroes, and it is absolutely safe for anyone to enter. Besides heroes, the house is also equipped with modern robots created by Metal Knights. According to him, they were the key to creating absolute security for this modern home.

Outside, Saitama was about to enter the house when the robot blocked the door (because of Rover and Black Sperm). The robot attacks, so Saitama smashes it. Another swarm of droids appeared, but were also handled with ease by the bald man.

The security showed up and said the robot was expensive. If Saitama is the one who destroys them, I can’t do it in my life. Fortunately, Kim arrived in time to rescue Saitama. at the end of this chapter. I know that Saitama has been promoted to A rank – 39.

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One Punch Man 220 Spoiler Predictions

One Punch Man 220

Thanks to King, Saitama had no problems with the Black Sperm and Rover.Rover is extremely docile, while the Black Spirit is always listening and watching

In the next chapter, two young men who observe Saitama will travel to the newly promoted hero “ca khà”. A bit of a lie, but these guys were lucky enough to be friends with Saitama instead of being forced to understand Japanese.

The next development will still revolve around Saitama’s new home. The bald hero will meet Flashy Flash again and be asked by him to be his apprentice. We know what the outcome will be, but it’s going to be fun, so please look forward to it.

There are at least 2 more chapters left and the main events of this arc still won’t come out. We still have 1-2 chapters of the story to rest and adjust to the “new life” before Honey Mask brings the next story.

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Official spoilers for One Punch Man 220

Spoiler information will be updated as soon as possible, expected on November 2nd.

One Punch Man release time 220

As planned, One Punch Man episode 220 will be November 3. will update the spoiler information as soon as possible.

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