Disappointed with the live series of anime and manga! Gotobun No Hanayome!

Gotobun No Hanayome or House With 5 Fairies is a manga and anime that many viewers are fascinated by because there are too many Nakano sisters. However, the following series of real-life wedding photos may disappoint you…

What is a five-headed marriage?

Gotobun No Hanayome – The House With 5 Fairies or “Five Bowls of Noodles” is a manga published by Haruba Negi in 2017-2020. The story revolves around the love life of the male protagonist Futaro and the five-year-old Nakano sisters Ichika, Erino, Miku, Yotsuba, and Izuki. The content of the story is romantic and humorous, and the five charming heroines have easily won the support of the audience.

In 2019, Tezuka Productions adapted “Hana’s Marriage” into an animation. The animated version is generally very successful, so the name “Five Bowl Fans” spread all over the world.

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Disappointed with the real version of The Flower Marriage

In Goto Fumino’s Flower Marriage, in addition to the plot, the one that catches the audience the most is the “mlem mlem” of the Nakano Five Sisters. However, what would they and other characters look like in real life?

To answer that question, a YouTube anchor named AI Jissha-ka used modern drawing techniques to “transform” the characters from manga and anime into real-life people. Watch it calmly because they will surprise you.

After the flower marry the real person

Uesugi Fuutaro

After the flower marry the real person

Uesugi Raiha

After the flower marry the real person

Takeda Yusuke

After the flower marry the real person


After the flower marry the real person

Ichika Nakano

After the flower marry the real person

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Nakano Erino

After the Flower Marriage

Nakano Miku

There are 5 fairies in the house

Nakano Yotsuba

After the Flower Marriage

Isuki Nakano

After the Flower Marriage

Nakano Maruo

After the Flower Marriage

Uesugi Isao

typical quintuplets

Reina Nakano

The picture above is the live-action version of the five-headed text of the anime and manga. how do you feel? Do they look like what you imagine? Leave a comment so we can chat together!

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