Black Clover 345 Spoiler Preview: The Seven Dragons Hino Shows His Power—Sister Lily is in Difficulty!

Black Clover 345 spoiler preview, synopsis 344: In order to prevent Lily and his gang from attacking Hino, the seven dragons are dispatched. In the next chapter, they will show their talents and let Lucius’ subordinates see them!

Black Clover 344 Summary

Chapter 344 begins with a flashback. Lucius rescued Morris and the dead bodies of the Dark Triad. He used his own magic to restore Morris’s body and accepted him as his subordinate. Lucius then orders Lily to find Hino in order to deal with the threat to his future.

Back to the present, Lily and the others walked around the city, but they didn’t see anyone. One of them, Uruel, used beast magic to summon a five-headed dragon to destroy Hino. However, at this moment, five members of the Seven Dragons appeared.

On the other side, Asta is practicing with the other two seven dragons.

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Spoiler Black Clover 344 Hino Seven Dragons VS Lily Sister!

Black Clover 345 Spoiler Trailer

Black Clover 345

The development of the next chapter will consist of two main parts. The first part will be a demonstration of the power of the seven dragons. Five people were present, and cut off the heads of five dragons who dared to raise their teeth at Hino. According to Lag, we’re going to see a couple of them that are pretty compelling.

The remainder of this chapter covers Ashtar’s training. The two seven dragons he was fighting with seemed to be very strong (presumably stronger than Yixiang). Ashtar would be completely overwhelmed – that’s for sure. However, in the most critical time, he will unleash his power.

With the difference in numbers, it is very likely that the Seven Dragons will defeat Lily and the others. However, in Black Clover’s style, Asta’s high anti-magic abilities will be the tool to free Lily’s group from Lucius’ magic, so he’ll probably be on the battlefield for another 1-2 chapters.

Spoiler Black Clover 345

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Black Clover 345 release time

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