Surprise: Turns out manga artist Yu-Gi-Oh died because he did this heroic deed

According to the latest investigation, the cause of death of manga artist Kazuki Takahashi, creator of Yu-Gi-Oh comics, has been clarified. Instead of drowning, the great writer sacrificed his life for the following reasons.

Who is Kazuki Takahashi?

Kazuki Takahashi is a Japanese cartoonist. He was born on October 4, 1961 and died on July 4, 2022. Kazuki Takahashi is best known for his Yu-Gi-Oh comics, also known as Yu-Gi-Oh in Vietnam.

On July 4, Kazuki Takahashi was announced dead. According to the autopsy, Takahashi-sensei drowned. However, his death was also quite bizarre.

Takahashi was still wearing a wetsuit, with full diving gear and a breathing mask when he was found. Meanwhile, the author’s car was rented 12 km from his body. Due to many questionable details, Japanese police have worked diligently to investigate to clarify the incident.

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Kazuki Takahashi, father of Yu-Gi-Oh, dies due to heroic deeds

Author Yu-Gi-Oh

After more than 3 months of investigation, the Japanese police have released the answer to us. On July 4, 2022, Major Robert Bourgeois, 49, found three people in critical condition in a whirlpool at Onna Beach, Okinawa, where Mr. Takahashi was found. As a professional scuba diving instructor, the major successfully rescued 3 victims. He is now nominated for the Order of the Soldier for his valour.

Major Bourgeois wasn’t the only one saving lives, however. According to the testimony of numerous witnesses, Takahashi-sensei also jumped into the turbulent water to save the victims. However, they only “glanced at him before he disappeared into the water”.

So it’s clear why Yu-Gi-Oh’s biological father died. He was not injured and there was no accident. Takahashi-sensei bravely entered a dangerous place in order to save people. As Major Bourgeois said: “He is a hero”.

Too bad Kazuki Takahashi passed away. Hope he will be remembered forever as a great comic writer and a “hero” who dared to sacrifice himself to save others. I hope his works will always be remembered and passed on forever.

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