Tokyo Avengers 276 Spoiler Prediction: Budo Die – Mickey Time Travel?

Spoiler for Tokyo Avengers 276, Summary Chapter 275: Sacrifice yourself to save Mickey, is Martial Arts really dead? If so, will Mickey be the new time traveler?

Summary Tokyo Revergers 275

In Chapter 275, Mickey lets his “dark instinct” take over his body and fights the martial arts. Instead of punching, Mitch picked up his sword and slashed at his former teammate repeatedly. Martial arts tried to dodge, but the number of wounds kept increasing.

After thinking about it, Budo came up with a solution: he grabbed Mickey and pulled it, letting the sword pierce his abdomen. Budo said he would take on the dark instincts for Mickey and go back in time no matter how many times. Budo grabbed Mickey’s hand… but nothing happened.

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Tokyo Revergers 276 Spoiler Predictions

Tokyo Avengers 276

In 3 more chapters, TR is over, but the author “does evil” and gives us an extremely unpredictable development. Budo intends to go back in time to save Mickey. If his calculations are correct, he will be back in his childhood. However, nothing happened. Could it be that the calculation of martial arts is wrong?

Although Budo took the initiative to attack, Mickey stabbed him with his sword. If Budo dies, will his travel rights be transferred to Mickey? With this ability, will the “dark instinct” disappear? We can only wait for the next chapter to know the answer.

Countless theories have been proposed for the Tokyo Avengers. Some readers believe that martial arts has successfully returned to the past. Using this opportunity, he removes all odds and brings everyone to a happier timeline. Others think that Martial Arts really does make sacrifices so that Mickey and all the other characters realize they have to leave the path of dishonesty. Other theories suggest that Mickey is going to be a time traveler, and this time, he’s going to save himself and save everyone’s life.

Spoilers for Tokyo Revergers 276

Tokyo Avengers 276 spoilers will be updated as soon as possible, scheduled for October 30th.

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Tokyo Revergers Release 276

Tokyo Revergers Chapter 276 Scheduled to Release November 2, 2022. NOW IN THIS ARTICLE will be updated with spoilers soon, so bookmark it now to be the first to update with new content.

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