Chainsaw Man: Everything About the Pochita Saw Demon – Including Things You Didn’t Know!

Pochita, an orange puppy with a chainsaw on his head, is Denji’s companion. However, is this really just an ordinary dog? In the upcoming articles, we’ll learn about Pochita and the dog’s secrets together.

Who is Pochita?

Pochita is the demon in the anime and manga Chainsaw Man. According to the plot, Pochita signed a contract with Denji and was the demon who accompanied him from the death of his father until the death of Denji.

In the anime, Pochita is voiced by Shiori Izawa.

Origin of Pochita

Pochita was originally a saw demon – representing the human fear of chainsaws. He has other names like Chainsaw Man or Hell Hero.

Pochita was inspired by the look of Makita brand chainsaws. His name may be a play on the words in “Pochi” – a Japanese dog’s name and “Ta” for Makita.

Despite his mild appearance, Pochita is actually a very powerful demon with special abilities that make even demons afraid. Pochita’s past will tell us more about this.

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Pochetta’s past

Saw Pochita's Power

NOTE: The following spoils a lot of information for viewers who have only watched the Chainsawman anime.

The demons in the Chainsaw Man live in hell. When they are killed in hell, they will appear on Earth. There is no information that is too specific about Pochita’s situation. However, after being defeated by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (explained in detail in another article by Rag) and at the hands of demonic weapons, Pochita fell into a state of “near death” and turned into a puppy. It is known that Pochita met Denji and signed a contract with him.

When Denji is killed by a zombie demon, Pochita vows to be Denji’s heart to save his life. Pochita did this because he wanted to see Denji’s dream.

Fact: In hell, many demons are afraid of Pochita. There are demons who worship you. Others always try to kill Danji.

The form of Pochita

Chainsaw Devil Saw

For most of the story, Pochita appears in dog form. When he regained his strength and turned into a full Saw Demon with Denji, Pochita had 4 arms and his entire body changed. The full Saw Demon skin is inspired by Black Gauna from the comic Abara by Nihei Tsutomu.

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Pochita’s power

Saw Pochita mainly uses the chainsaw blade on his body to fight. In addition to the “saw” function, Pochita can also use chains to bind, attack enemies, or as a mobility tool (like Spiderman’s swing).

Saw Pochita's Power

In addition to saw weapons, Pochita also possesses excellent physical abilities. This demon’s regeneration ability is also very strong, and Pochita-Dian was seriously injured many times, but every time he “drained” blood, he fought hard! In the second half of Chainsaw, Pochita even regenerated his entire body with just his heart!

Pochita’s ability is very strong, but compared to his special ability – the ability to remove magic, it is nothing at all. Any demon eaten by a Saw Demon will completely “disappear” from human memory and will not be reincarnated anywhere. Because of this ability, even demons are afraid of the saw – thus inadvertently making the saw even more powerful.

That’s all about Pochita – The Saw Demon gives Denji the power to turn into a demon in Chainsaw Man. Did the lag miss something? If yes, please leave a comment so we can discuss it together.

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