Chainsaw Man: “Almost” became the role of Dianzhi’s girlfriend!

Although it is often said that luck is bad, when Chainsaw and many beauties in Chainsaw fall in love, Dianzhi is actually luckier than many cartoon characters! In this article, we’ll find out who these people are.

Denji is the protagonist of the manga and anime Chainsaw Man. Tian Zhi has lived a hard life since he was a child, surviving day by day, month by month, without the most basic needs of eating and sleeping being fully met. Later, Chuanci lived a comfortable life, but also shouldered more responsibilities, and faced danger all the time.

Although life is hard, Tian Zhi is still very lucky to be able to fall in love with many beautiful women of all kinds. Below is a list of girls who have had a relationship with Denji in the manga and anime Chainsaw. Let’s see how “lucky” this sawmaker is.

1. Power supply

First of all, let’s talk about Power, which can be said to be the closest female character to Denji, but also the person who has the worst relationship with the male lead. As a demon, Power didn’t like Denji at first. However, after many contacts, the relationship between her and Denji has gradually become closer, and they even developed feelings for each other. From a cat-only demon, Power is ready to sacrifice himself to save Denji.

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Well, Power is also the girl who stole a lot of “firsts” from Denji. This is the first time to “touch the chest”, this is the first time to share the bathroom,… the power is so powerful, Dianzhi still does not fail, so strong!

2. Horse herding


No matter how many times Denji is charmed, he can’t extricate himself because he has a crush on Makima. No matter what Mujian said, Chuanzhi was listening. For Tranji, Makima is a role that brings care and love to his mother, and is the source of many different goals for Tranji.

Makima was the first character to hug Denji, and also the first character to let him touch his chest. Unfortunately, Tianji’s love is only one-sided, while Makima’s ambition is too high, and their story has to end in tragedy.

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3. Redesign

Reze Shock

Reze can be said to be the first girl that Denji can really fall in love with, even Makima forgot. She approached Chuanzhi sincerely, treated him equally, and let him experience the ordinaryness of a “normal person”. The scene where Reze kisses Denji really makes the audience happy, because Denji finally found a good girl-but in reality, this is also someone who wants to “possess” Denji…

4. Himeno


Another character who is also less toxic to Denji is Himeno. She offers to kiss Denji in a very carefree way. In her drunken rage, she willingly invites Denji – who she knows is underage – to do adult things with her. Compared with other female characters, Himeno seems a little loose. However, she really didn’t betray Denji, nor did she mean to hide her feelings. Although Himeno appeared for a short time, she left us and Chuanzhi with too many things.

5. Asa

Asa Denji

The last name on this list will be Asa – the new heroine of Chainsaw. With the purpose of turning Dianzhi into a weapon of war demons, Asa took the initiative to ask Dianzhi for a date. This is indeed a very interesting situation! Both are broken souls, will Asa and Denji really love each other, or…will we have a Denji vs Reze version 2.0? How the author will “collapse”, let us wait and see.

The above is the girl who is in love, who almost became Tianji’s girlfriend in the comics and animations of Chainsaw Man. What do you think of this list? Who do you think is the best fit for Denji? Please leave a comment so we can chat.

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