American political commentators ‘criticize’ anime as diabolical, weird and scary stuff!

For no particular reason, famous American political commentators have judged anime to be monsters! Take a look at the details of what he said and how the community reacted.

Anime is a famous Japanese film genre. In animation we will be able to follow different stories drawn through eye-catching animations. Anime comes in many genres, from children’s movies to adult heavyweights. It can be said that each anime brings a very different emotion to the audience depending on the audience’s orientation and genre.

However, with celebrities, they don’t think so. American right-wing political commentator Matt Walsh is one of them. This is a very well-known man in America, and many of his comments have left a lasting impression. Recently, Matt Walsh had a few words that “annoyed” anime fans.

Specifically, according to a video shared by Media Matters, when asked about anime, Matt Walsh made it clear that “anime is the devil”.

Anime is a hell of a thing. I have no reason to say that, but I feel it. All anime is weird to me, it’s weird and scary.

I don’t think adults should watch anime and anime in general, but only in rare cases.

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hate anime

As soon as the above-mentioned sharing was published, Matt Walsh was immediately criticized by anime fans on the platform. They thought his assessment was too one-sided and simply unreasonable. In response to these things, Matt simply replied “strongly”:

I get a lot of criticism for saying that anime is evil. I want to make it clear that up to 87% of anime cases are related to demon possession. research shows.

Of course, sane audiences still won’t accept this trick.

Trying to change the story doesn’t change the fact that his views are rubbish.

So anime like Haikyu is also a gateway to hell?

It’s better if you say you’re wrong or you’re joking.

How do you see this conclusion?

What research? Show it here?

I know you mean political satire, but you’re suddenly pulling in the interests of so many people?

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hate anime

Before the “attack” from the fans, Matt still said he “liked” them. Matt also mentioned that 74% of serial killers have a hobby of watching anime. “It was reported that Hitler was the same.” Matt’s message was of course not very real, and it’s not clear if he was joking, but many people still felt uncomfortable. During the climax, Matt Walsh even “confused” his apologies for choosing an anime.

I really think all comics are demons.

To this day, Matt Walsh’s sharing of anime is still a trending topic on Twitter. The keyword Matt Walsh sometimes even reaches TOP Trending on this platform. What do you think personally? Is Matt Walsh going too far or just kidding anime fans? Please leave a comment so we can chat together.

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