The Devil’s Promise (2022) Episode 5: Release Date, Preview, And Streaming Guide

The Devil’s Promise (2022) episode 5 release date is out, and loyal followers are eager to know more about the same. The show delivered an entertaining episode, and fans anxiously awaited to see how the Devil’s Promise (2022) episode 5 unfolds. The series is helmed by British filmmaker Colin Teague, who is renowned for their distinctive body of work that showcases his passion for cinematic narrative.

He has helmed dramas, small films, big-budget programs, and miniseries. He is renowned for being the first director of both the original series and its spin-off, “Doctor Who.” The debut episode of “The Sarah Jane Adventures” was directed by him as well.

A still from The Devil’s Promise (2022) episode 1

Fans have loved the review of the show that includes a man who makes a desperate attempt to save the life of his beloved wife; thus, he joins hands with a devil, and it leads to devastating consequences. Here is a quick primer of the show before revealing the release date of The Devil’s Promise (2022) episode 5 and all the latest updates, including how to watch The Devil’s Promise (2022) episode 5.

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What Is The Devil’s Promise (2022) About?

According to IMDB, the plot is as follows: “When a newlywed Egyptian guy and an American widow are both conned by the devil, with tragic results, they band together and attempt to defeat Iblis at his own game.” Faust, the hero of well-known German mythology, based on the real Johann Georg Faust, is the subject of this rendition. And in exchange for a miracle, he sells his soul to the devil.

The Devil's Promise (2022) trailer

A still from The Devil’s Promise (2022)

The Devil’s Promise is the most recent high-profile television series produced by MBC Studios in Saudi Arabia.
As the country continues to expand its TV offering, the duo wrote and directed the film, respectively, and Paula Patton, who starred in Hitch, also has a role.

The Devil's Promise (2022) trailer

A still from The Devil’s Promise (2022) pilot

The drama, previewed earlier this month, centers on Ibrahim, who, the day after learning that his wife has an uncurable brain tumor, obtains a sizable deal to renovate a Cairo slum. Ibrahim, who does all in his ability to rescue her despite the grim prognosis, vows to give his soul to Iblis, sometimes known as the devil when he dies.

The Devil's Promise (2022) trailer

A still from The Devil’s Promise (2022)

Jordan and Being Human director Teague previously worked together on the Saudi program Rashash, which depicted the real-life exploits of a Saudi bandit, drug dealer, and killer who terrorized the local populace in the 1970s and 1980s. For “Being Human,” Teague was nominated for a BAFTA Award.

He directed “Frankenstein’s Wedding” in 2011, for which he received a Cymru Bafta for Best Single Drama. He also directed “The White Queen,” which received three nominations for the Golden Globe Awards.

Some people might want to know about The Devil’s Promise (2022) viewing guidelines and certifications, so here it is. The Devil’s Promise (2022) has received TV-MA certification. The TV Parental Guidelines’ TV-MA rating in the United States denotes programs intended for adults. It matches the MPA’s R classification. Programs with this rating are often not appropriate for children or anyone under the age of 17. (Some sources may say 18).

All About The Cast Of The Devil’s Promise (2022)?

Egyptian actors Amr Youssef, Fathy Abdel Wahab, Nelly Karim, Yagoub Alfarhan, and Mariam Alkhosht will be playing important roles in this highly anticipated bilingual series called “Devil’s Promise.” Paula Patton, an American legend, will also be appearing in the show.

The Devil's Promise (2022) trailer

A still from The Devil’s Promise (2022) episode 1

Fans know Paula, who played Jane in “Mission: Impossible—Ghost Protocol” (2012), and Ms. Rain in the 2009 film “Precious.”

When Is The The Devil’s Promise (2022) Episode 5 Release Date?

So when is The Devil’s Promise (2022) episode 5 release date? The Devil’s Promise (2022) episode 5 release date is Friday, October 7, 2022. The next episode will air at 1:00 am +04 in UAE.

Where To Watch The Devil’s Promise (2022) Episode 5 Online?

Where can fans watch The Devil’s Promise (2022) episode 5? The Devil’s Promise (2022) episode 5 will be airing on the Shahid tv channel. For the international fans Shahid app. Shahid is a streaming service for Arabic media with its main office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Created by the MBC Group, the platform debuted in 2008 and underwent a rebranding in 2020.

MBC has signed the contract for the international distribution of the show. Fans can stream The Devil’s Promise (2022) episode 5 on the app for only AED 29.99 per month. So update your calendars, and don’t forget to watch The Devil’s Promise (2022) episode 5 as soon as it releases. Happy streaming

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