Spoiler for Chainsaw 114, commentary on Chapter 113: Electric shock to fight the infinite devil again?

Spoilers for Chainsaw 114, Chapter 113: On a date at the aquarium, Denji finds himself and Asa trapped in an endless dimension. The infinite demons return with vengeance?

Chainsaw 113 Summary

As agreed, Asa and Chuanzhi go on a date at the aquarium together. Dating is boring because neither person has any knowledge of “dating”. Denji then leaves. The strange girl appeared immediately. She introduces herself as big sister Yoru – the hungry demon (aka Fami).

After the introduction, Fami disappeared. Danji is back. He tells Asa that he cannot escape the aquarium.

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Chainsaw 114 spoiler trailer

Chainsaw 114

If we look closely, we can see that the aquarium in the previous chapter is quite small. The sea life is also not real but just a drawing on the big picture. This detail is very interesting. Is this because the aquarium is special, or is there no sea life in the world of Chainsaw?

The strange girl finally revealed her identity. Contrary to many people’s expectations, she is not a dead demon, but a hungry demon. So, she revived Yuko, probably because she gave Yuko something to “eat”?

After Fami revealed his identity, Yeru had almost no reaction (except to remind Asa not to listen to Fami). Even if it was the last time they met, Ye Ru probably knew that the other party was a hungry ghost. Apparently Yoru is hiding a lot from Asa and the readers. Maybe in the next chapters, Yoru will reveal her relationship with Fami. According to Lag, Yoru doesn’t really “love” her older sister very much.

The current situation of Dianzhi and Asa is quite similar to when Dianzhi met the Infinite Demon King. It is possible that the demon was slain in hell and now reappears to avenge the enthronement. It’s still possible that it’s another demon–we’ll have to wait for the next chapter to find out exactly who the antagonist is this time around.

This is a perfect opportunity for Electric Shock to prove itself as the Chainsaw Man. In the next chapter, the two will look around for clues or if there is a demon. Denji will transform and fight if necessary. However, Lag believes that this time the author will be more creative and bring readers a brand new story.

Forced to be together, Denji and Asa would have more time to talk. In the next 1-2 chapters, if they don’t want to die here, they must find a way to leave the aquarium together.

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Spoiler Chainsaw Man 114

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Chainsaw Man 114 release time

Saw Chapter 114 is scheduled to be released on MangaPlus on December 20, 2022 at 10pm. Trailer and spoilers will be revealed. lag Update as soon as possible, so stay tuned!

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