Elon Musk may develop a separate swearing feature on Twitter in the future

Billionaire Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, believes that the Twitter platform could introduce multiple PvP modes, including a “dissed 1vs1” mode.

Last October 27th, Elon Musk Has officially acquired the social networking platform TwitterBeginning on April 14 next year, Musk’s acquisition of the site heralds a very different era for users. One of the improvements could be the introduction of “diss” among users.

Elon Musk answers followers’ questions about his plans, interested in bringing elements battle to twitter. Researcher Tru North suggested that Musk should “let Twitter have a PvP mode. PvP on Twitter is where you can start chatting and destroying each other on verified personal accounts.” He added: “Immersive mode is only for inexperienced Certified, vetted accounts.”
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Elon Musk 2

Surprisingly, Musk took the advice and gave a straightforward answer: “Things like this make sense.” While Musk may be joking, this isn’t the first time the SpaceX founder has Bring the game to other devices. In contrast, Musk’s Tesla models are capable of playing a wide variety of games through a touchscreen or even a steering wheel. To enhance the potential, Musk also hinted that someday Tesla owners will have access to Steam games.

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Many other users have also added their desired options. “Twitter should have more karma similar to Reddit. You have more karma to engage in discussions, and vice versa. More karma, more visibility for your tweets.” Things calmed down after this acquisition It is only a matter of time before the platform sees major changes from its current state.
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