Spoiler for Blue Lock 201: Isaki’s determination made players cry…

Spoiler alert and everything you need to know about Blue Lock 201: Nobody Can Stop Isagi! The target is very close. Can he manage to score a goal for the Munich Bastards?

Blue Lock 200 Summary

In the 200th episode, Isagi broke through the defense of Manson City together with Noah and Kuronako. Many try to scramble for Isagi’s ball — including Kaiser — but the hero moves on with a burning desire to score.

The target is very close. Isagi’s chances to score were getting clearer. Xuecun is determined not to be blocked, and chases the ball with all his strength!

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Spoiler Blue Lock 201

Blue Lock 201

At the beginning of chapter 201, Isaki was exhausted, but he still tried to attack. He not only relied on Herona, but also used his own skills to defeat his opponents. Even Chikiri was overtaken by Isagi with an extremely precise dribble.

Nagi stepped forward to block, Isagi quickly passed the ball to Kurana, and calmly passed the former teammate. Both he and Caesar ran to the pass – but it was Noah who stole the ball!

After thinking about it, Noah passed the ball back to Isagi. Then the ball was passed to Herona again. Only 30 meters away from the target. Yukimura ran up from behind, hoping for a chance to score. However, volleyball came for Isaki, and Yukimura burst into tears…

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Blue lock release time 201

Blue Lock Chapter 201 will be released on December 28, 2022. Spoiler information for Chapter 200 will be updated on Lag.vn as soon as possible.

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