Detective Conan 26 movie release date and movie content revealed!

After much understanding, recently, the theatrical version of Detective Conan 26 has released the official title, as well as the release date and summary of the film. Details are as follows!

About the Detective Conan Movie Series

Detective Conan The Movie or Detective Conan The Movie is a film series based on the manga of the same name by Gosho Aoyama. The series began in 1997 with the release of the first movie titled Detective Conan: Sky Bomb. In the years that followed, new installments were regularly added to the series. Until many years ago, audiences watched almost one movie per year.

With dramatic and engaging storylines, the Detective Conan movies now have a very strong foothold in the hearts of audiences. Several films even beat global blockbusters when they opened in Japan, showing how strong the franchise’s appeal is despite more than 25 releases.

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Detective Conan Movie 26 release name and content

Detective Conan 26

Recently, the 26th Detective Conan movie poster was exposed. Therefore, the official title of the film is Detective Conan the Movie: Black Steel Submarine. In the poster we can see that Ashbara is sinking and Conan rescues her. Behind him are members of the black organization Akai Shuichi, Amuro, Dr. Alilan and police officer Kuroda. The text on the poster says:

Don’t die, Huiyuan!

According to the released information, the theatrical version of Conan 26 is very likely to be the “showdown” between Haibara and Silver. In the credits for movie 25, we see Gin pointing a gun at Haibara and saying “I’d love to see you, Cherry”. Aside from the suggestive title “Black Steel Submarine” (which may refer to the film’s setting, or to the black organization “Prison” that always surrounds Ashbara), the 26th film certainly has a lot to look forward to place.

Detective Conan movie release time 26

The theatrical version of Detective Conan 26: Black Steel Submarine is scheduled to start broadcasting on April 14, 2023. If it is still the same as last year, it is very likely that it will premiere at the Vietnamese box office around July 2023. Lag will be updated with new news as soon as possible, so stay tuned.

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