TOP 10 Manga Authors’ Crazy Detail Drawing (Part 2)

Following on from part 1, the remaining manga titles in the TOP 10 list of manga drawn by the author will follow in super detail – there are such beautifully redrawn works that can turn little-known manga into masterpieces!

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In the previous section, Lag introduced you to the manga titles and the crazy “zealous” manga writers. In this article, the remaining 5 names in the TOP 10 manga will be introduced in detail. Don’t waste any more time, let’s see.

6. Murata Yusuke – One Punch Man

With his superb “hand flower” that can be drawn from paper drawings to 3D renderings, Murata Yusuke is one of the most famous manga authors today. Previously, Murata had been impressed with Eyeshield21. However, since he was inexperienced at the time, his image was only beautiful and did not leave much impression on people. Only when playing One Punch Man, Murata Yusuke’s ability can be called perfect.

Although Mr. Murata publishes stories from time to time, he can always make the audience see what they get. Every frame of the story has been carefully crafted to create an extremely realistic feel. Faced with a very challenging large picture frame, every line drawn by Murata Yusuke is skillfully arranged like boulders, forming a majestic pyramid, which is still beyond everyone’s expectations. It should be the credit of Mr. Murata that “One Punch Man” can have today’s success, right?

7. Oku Hiroya – Ganz

Oku Hiroya - Ganz

Speaking of details, Okuhiro is also a “monster” in the manga village. Gantz, born in 2000, Oku Hiroya still can’t use much modern drawing techniques like Inuyashiki or Gigant. Instead, most of the images are hand-drawn by him. But just look: everything from characters and backgrounds to buildings or weapons is very realistic. The 383 highly crafted chapters drawn by Gantz over 13 years are now the benchmark for a fiction cartoonist to achieve with a lifetime of work.

By the way, Dandandan’s paintings seem to be pretty good recently.

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8. Mori Kaoru – Otoyomegatari

Kaoru Mori- Sound of Love

If Gantz is the standard of science fiction, then “Bride of the Prairie” is the “boss” of the historical cartoon school. At first glance, you might miss Otoyomegatari because of its “normal” appearance. However, if you take the time to look closely at each frame, you’ll be amazed at how much the author Kaoru Mori has put into it.

Set in a coastal town in the early 1800s, Otoyomegatari brings viewers a lot of tribal culture – down to every inch – through the garments and fabrics they create. ! The content of the story is also very intelligently created, allowing the audience to immerse themselves in the visual feast and curiously look forward to the things to be discovered next.

9. Boichi – Sun-Ken Rock

Boichi - Sun-Ken Rock

Following this TOP 10 good manga is Boichi’s Sun-Ken Rock. Before making Dr. Stone, Boichi was known as an ultra-detailed, ultra-realistic manga artist. Boichi’s forte is the ability to draw character bodies. It’s hard to imagine, but you should check out Sun-Ken Rock and check out Ken’s body! They seemed to move with his every breath!

10. Shinichi Sakamoto – Climber

Shinichi Sakamoto - The Climber

It was followed by Shinichi Sakamoto’s The Climber. The cartoonist born in 1972 is known for his detailed drawings, and he put all the “essential” things in “The Climber”. Probably the most irresistible are the great scenes, where the main character is immersed in a vast space. Every cloud and every ray of light is carefully depicted by Mr. Sakamoto, so that even if everything is just on paper, we can almost feel that we are standing in front of those majestic scenes.

The above are the TOP 10 good comics drawn by the author insanely and meticulously. Among the above names, which manga do you like the most? lag Miss anyone? Please leave a comment so we can chat.

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