Komi-san Wa Comyushou Desu Manga fans upset that Tadano’s ex-lover appeared as “Little Tan”?

The nearly 400-chapter Komi-san Wa Comyushou Desu manga suddenly appears in an extremely tense drama when Tadano’s ex-lover – Kawai-san – appears and intends to separate him from Komi-san. Immediately, the fan community of this work was thrown into chaos!

Summary of Komi-san Wa Comyushou Desu 377

Komi-san Wa Comyushou Desu 377 is the story chapter that begins Tadano’s final year “training” journey. Due to some random arrangement, their destination is Yushu Seminary, and Kawai Rami, whom Tano confessed to him, is the student council president.

Overall, Kawai-san looks a lot like Mi-san. However, the girl’s hair color is lighter and her personality is different from Comey. Ms. Kawai looks friendly on the outside, but she is actually very cautious and wants to make a good impression.


Of course Tadano recognized Kawai, but he didn’t dare to say hello. Kawai meets Tadano in the hallway and talks to him. At this time, Miss Xiaomei appeared, and Tadano introduced her as his girlfriend. At this time, Kawai suddenly replied:

Why do you say that when you already have me?

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Komi-san Wa Comyushou Desu fans are upset about Tano’s ex!

ex-lover of komi-san wa comyushou desu tadano

Tadano’s confession to Kazuya was rejected before, so his relationship with Kawai is basically no more than friendship. However, Kawai-san took the initiative to speak, as if… she was Tadano’s girlfriend. The girl’s strangeness made many fans worried that Kawai-san would be the character in Komi-san Wa Comyushou Desu who brought the love triangle drama.

The timing of Mr. Kawai’s appearance is also just right, because in the first few chapters, as Tadano and Mr. Xiaomei continue to develop their relationship, the author feeds the fans dog food. When things are too sweet, a little uplifting drama can be a powerful spice that can blow up the emotions of all viewers.

Tadano is normal, but he likes hot girls.

I know eating a lot of dog food can lead to diabetes, but let me keep eating dog food, no farce.

Wow, Chadano has enough strength to overcome this beauty.

It’s been a long time since I fed candy, the author patted the fan lightly and woke up.

Has the story now turned to the harem?

Komi-san has no age, that’s okay.


To this day, Kawai-san is still a character that fans of Xiaomei-san Wa Comyushou Desu love to talk about. Many fans are predicting that the upcoming events will tell us more about Tadano’s past (the narrator will likely include Najimi, who knows Tadano’s love life very well). Kawai will follow suit, seducing Tadano. However, with the quality of “Mr.”, Tadano will never waver.

And you, what do you think? Will Tadano’s failed ex-love cause minors to destroy Komi-san Wa Comyushou Desu’s OTP? Leave a comment so we can chat together!

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