Chainsaw Man: Makima’s character and destiny has been spoiled from her name!

By analyzing the character’s name Wrangler, fans of the manga and anime Chainsaw Man have come to realize that the character’s fate turned out to be right in the author’s name. How is this possible? Let’s take a look at the article below.

Who is Wrangler?

Makima is one of the most important characters in the manga and anime Chainsaw Man. In the main storyline, she is a member of the Demon Hunter Guild and the manager of Denji, Aki, Power and many other hunters.

Mu Zhen, who has the appearance of a beauty, is actually a “person” who is extremely good at manipulating the psychology of others. With just one sentence and simple actions, she transformed Danji into an obedient “dog”. She is also very good at manipulating people – this will be explained more clearly in the later section of Chainsaw Man.

Those who have read the comics may already know what happened to Makima. But did you know that author Naruto Fujimoto has “revealed” Makita’s role and fate from the moment she first appeared – or more precisely, from the moment her name was mentioned?

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Makima’s role and fate revealed in her own name

Chainsaw Wrangler

For a specific analysis, let’s first recall the ED 3 of Hawatari Nioku Centi’s Chainsaw Man presented by Maximum The Hormone. In the image, we can see a shepherd in the costume of the Virgin Mary.

According to Christianity, it is said that the Virgin Mary gave birth to the child of God while she was still a virgin. We all know that the author Fujimoto has participated in the production of the Chainsaw Man anime many times. So what’s the point of the above connection, other than the suggestion that Makima is a mother?

You see this more clearly when you see the Wrangler’s name. If we remove the “ki” in the middle, we get “mama” – the word used for mothers. In the manga, Makima also appears several times with the umbilical cord – the thing that connects the mother to the child. The interesting point here is that the umbilical cord was later found to be a chain, showing the sheer manipulation of the Wrangler without any love.

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In interviews with Shueisha and Fujimoto, the creator of Chainsaw also confirmed that he based the character’s character and the character’s name Wrangler on “Mother”. What Denji has always lacked was his mother’s love, and Makima was the one for him – or more accurately, something similar but more poisonous.

Chainsaw Wrangler

Let’s move on to the Makima name. Above, we dropped “ki” from Makima’s name to get the word “mama”, so why did the author use “ki” instead of another word? The most plausible explanation is because “ki” in Japanese can be understood as “tree” or “wood”. Now, Denji is the Chainsaw Man—the Chainsaw Man. What do you do when you see it? “Wood Saw”, of course. Yes, this is also the fate of Wrangler at the end of the confrontation with Dianci.

Fact: Denji’s name is made up of “Tenshi” – angel and “Denchi” – battery (the word battery is related to chainsaw). It makes sense for angels to kill demons, right?

So, through clever naming and a tight story structure, author Naruto Fujimoto reveals to us the character Wrangler’s role and ending from her name. Then, why is the Demon King who succeeded Makima called Nayuta? Lag will answer this question in an article that summarizes interesting facts about the manga and anime Chainsaw Man!

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