Gamer Genshin personally changed the design of the stand-up comedy stage for Cyno

Hopefully this show will help Cyno fly higher and farther down his humorous path.

Sino – The latest 5 star lightning characters Genshin Impact Since its launch, it has won the love of many fans with a brand-new gameplay and a shape that is different from the Hoyoverse “electronic mummy” tradition.

Not only that, but the guy’s character in the game is extremely… bland because of his jokes. The blandness of Cyno’s jokes even has a hashtag #cynojokes on Twitter, just for fans to share the bland jokes that Cyno has created.
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To make the most of this blandness, one gamer crafted a stand-up comedy show for the guy. His video design has many characters and is well-designed, and soon, his video went viral on social networks and was admired by many Genshin Impact gamers. YouTuber neilleexxi designed and produced a show with his friend who dubs Cyno. Other characters’ lines are used for their own voices in game story missions or dialogue.

But the joke Cyno tells in the video is really boring, so be prepared!
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