Bo Ren Chuan 76 spoiler preview: Chuan Mu escapes – Tianmen derails Naruto!

Bo Ren Chuan 76 spoiler preview, Chapter 75 content introduction: Although a lot of important information has been said, Amador still seems to be hiding something. Will Kawaki escape in the next chapters?

Summary of Boruto 75

At the beginning of Chapter 75, Amado reveals the powers of Ada and Daemon. He said that what they got was not “development” but the skills they inherited from Otsutsuki Shiba Shirakami. By continuously absorbing the Chakra Fruit, Shi Qibai broke through the cycle of life and death and reached the level of God.

Shibai can fight using skills called Shinjutsu (divine arts). The skill of Code or Isshiki is also a form of Shinjutsu. After telling the whole truth, Amado admitted:

Otsutsuki’s powers hold promise, they can make the impossible possible, like bringing my daughter back to life.

Amdo says his daughter Akebi has a fatal disease that cannot be cured. In desperation, Amado thought of building a new body for Akebi. He succeeded in creating Delta – only she was completely different from his daughter Akebi, even though they were very similar in appearance and Delta carried Akebi’s memory. At this time, Isshiki appeared and asked Amador to help him. In return, he would help him fulfill his wish.

We all know how it will turn out. Amado then returned the karma to Kawaki so that Kawaki could help him revive his daughter in the future. Shikamaru didn’t believe it. Taose didn’t believe it either. However, Ada confirmed the fact that Amado has a daughter.

In the final events, Boruto is connected to Momoshiki through which he can see “visions” of other characters. A series of strange pictures appeared, making Bo people worried.

Spoiler Boruto 75: Otsutsuki’s new god identity revealed – Ada’s origin and Daemon’s power

Boruto 76 spoiler predictions

Boruto 76

There are some things in this chapter that are very confusing. The first one is about Amado. His story may be true, however, what is certain is that he is hiding something. Based on Ada’s reaction, she is likely to be involved. The reason why Amado lied may be to hide Ada’s ability to “seduce”. More details Maybe we’ll have to follow up to know more.

The second is the source of Ada’s power. According to Momo, Ada’s allure is not in the ninjutsu he knows. It’s likely that this ability came from some kind of device, or from a change in Ada’s body. But why would Amado lie? Maybe this allure has a fatal weakness.

The last thing that is doubtful is the picture that the blogger saw. Looks a lot like Kawaki escaping – but why? Ada looks at Boruto, so maybe she knows what Boruto saw. In the next chapters, we’ll likely see more dialogue with the goal of building tension to a climax and explosion over the next 1-2 chapters.

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Spoilers for Boruto 76

The Boruto 76 spoiler will be updated as soon as possible, expected on December 18th.

Boruto 76 release date

Bo Ren Chuan Chapter 76 is scheduled to be released at night December 20, 2022. will update spoiler information as soon as possible.

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