List of all demons in the manga, Anime Chainsaw Man (Part 3)

After Saw Demons, Gun Demons, Blood Demons, the following will be the final list of demons in the world of Chainsaw comics and anime so far. Come on, let’s get started!

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In the first two articles, Lag introduced the demons that appeared in the first part of “The Chainsaw Man”. The list of demons in this manga, anime Chainsaw part 3 will include demons not mentioned, as well as new demons that appeared in part 2.

29. Snake Devil

The snake demon is a demon who signed a contract with Akane Sado. By swapping 4 claws, Satawari can fully summon the basilisk and command it to devour the target and then “release”. Upon release the target is healed of all damage and in return will have to fight for the basilisk.

30. Demon Spider


The Demon Spider is a member of the Demon Killing Group. She has 8 pairs of legs, so she has extremely flexible mobility. The Spider Demon’s most impressive ability is sinking into the ground and reemerging to attack. She can also open the zipper on her body to summon Makima – not sure if it’s someone else.

31. Stone Demon

devil stone

Stone Demons are demons contracted by Kusakabe. Its abilities are similar to gargoyles with the ability to petrify targets.

32. Magic Gun

devil stone

This is one of the hybrids who attacked Denji. Not much is known about this character (as it died so quickly).

33. Violent Demon

violent demon

Violent demons in CSM appear as demons named Galgali. Normally, this demon is very shy and dare not show his face. However, due to the situation, his body will become more muscular, revealing a face with four eyes.

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34. Devil Tomatoes

devil tomato

The first demon appears in Chainsaw. I don’t know if Mr. Fujimoto hated eating tomatoes to create this demon?

35. Storm Devil

storm demon

The Storm Demon is a fairly powerful demon capable of wreaking havoc on everything it encounters. The main power of this demon is of course to create storms. In addition, it produces rainwater. In flashbacks, we see that it was the Storm Demon who took the lives of Asa’s loved ones.

36. Demon Whip

magic whip

It is a hybrid similar to the magic gun.

37. Devil Zombie

zombie devil

Zombie Demon or Zombie Demon is the demon that kills the head of Denji Chainsaw Man. Its power is to turn people into zombies and carry out its orders.

38. Demon Reign

chainsaw man mark horse

The Demon Ruler is one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse—four powerful demons most feared by mankind. True to its name, the Demon Ruler can control multiple individuals at once and use them as his tools. Machima can transfer her own damage to the people under her control, allowing her to “kill” many times, making it difficult to kill. In the original plot, the devil also showed very unique skills, such as listening through controlled animals. She also teleports anywhere many times because of these possessed people.

Another skill of Demon Reign is to destroy a target by sacrificing another human being. The priest only needs to say the name of the priest, and they will sell salt together. Occasionally, the Dominator Demon will even lightly “pop”, causing the target’s body to change color.

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39. Devil Chicken

devil chicken

Yes, chicken demons. Fujimoto-sensei has an odd sense of humor. This demon race is too weak, and it will die if it is crushed.

40. The Devil of Justice

devil justice

Demon Justice first appears through the squad leader and then through the Yuko character. The most special skill of Demon Justice is that it can read the target’s mind, thereby capturing all the target’s memories and plans to make.

41. War Demon

demon war

The War Demon or Yoru is one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Just when the heroine Asa was about to die, War Demon appeared and asked to possess her body. Asa was then resurrected and shared her body with Joru. This demon’s skill is to turn objects and human bodies into weapons. For people, the requirement is that the object must have feelings for Asa.

42. Demon unknown

Chainsaw 109

There are several demons whose names are not (or are not) specifically introduced to the reader in Saw. Among them, the girl who suggested to revive Yuko is the most suspicious. Many readers think it is Death, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

The above is a list of all the demons that appear in the manga and anime Chainsaw. Of these, which demon is your favorite? Leave a comment so we can chat!

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