Saw: Who Is Nayuta – About the Afterlife of Demon Ruler Makima!

In the manga and anime Chainsaw Mania, after Makima became Denji’s “food”, her afterlife appeared in the form of a little girl named Nayuta. In this article, Lag will join you to learn about this mysterious “new demon ruler”.

Who is Nayuta?

Nayuta is a character in manga and anime chainsaw man. Born in 1997, less than 1 year old (although it looks 6-7 years old). According to the development of Chainsaw Man, Nayuta is the afterlife of the demon king Muzhen who was defeated by Chuanci.

Nayuta is a character created by the main character of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s One Shot Yogen Nayuta. In One Hit, Nayuta also has a guard named Kenji. This can be seen as a reference to the character of Denji.

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The origin of Nayuta

As mentioned above, Nayuta is the Demon Lord who succeeds Makima. She was found by the shore in China. In order to prevent Nayuta from becoming the second Makima, Kishibe decided to entrust her to Denji’s care. Denji didn’t recognize Nayuta at first. However, as soon as he was bitten by a girl, he immediately knew that this was Mu Qima’s afterlife.

After being adopted, Nayuta lived with Tatsumi in his apartment as a “sister”. We couldn’t be sure what life would be like for the two of us. However, Nayuta seems to like Tanagi very much. She also has a dog-walking habit similar to her previous life.

In order to defeat the demon king Makima, Denji agrees to “eat” her. But whether Nayuta was still created, whether it was Makima’s ruse, or a matter of denji absorption, is unclear. Neither Kishibe nor Denji understood the reason. It is very likely that in the subsequent chapters of Chainsaw, we will know the answer.

Nayuta’s appearance

Chainsaw Man Nayuta

In “Chain Saw Man 119”, Nayuta’s appearance let us see her image in the comics at a glance. Compared with his debut in Chapter 97, Nayu is more mature. She grows faster than normal and looks more mature. Nayuta also has a habit of tucking his shirt into his trousers, similar to how Makima dresses. Her hair is also braided with long bangs, very similar to Makima.

Nayuta’s character

Although Nayuta is still young, he has already shown a strong possessive and domineering character. Nayuta seemed to really like Tanagi and she didn’t want anyone close to him. Nayuta also tries to control a lot of things in the house – as evidenced by the fact that she even counts the number of times the two of them fart in the house.

According to Pochita, what the Demon King desires is family affection. “Hold her more” is what Pochita reminded Denji. Denji himself also wanted to take good care of Nayuta. He wants to earn money so that Nayuta can go to college and live a normal life. Basically, both Denji and Pochita have good intentions—but with Nayuta’s current actions, I’m afraid there is still a long way to go.

Nayuta’s strength


Although it’s not shown too clearly, Nayuta has 100% the same powers as his predecessor Manki. However, perhaps because of his young age and lack of experience, Nayuta still seemed quite young. In the 119th chapter of Chainsaw Man, Nayuta did not hesitate to launch chains to attack Asa. At first glance, the chains didn’t do any harm and should just be a blow to mentally or emotionally manipulate something. According to the development of Chainsaw Man, Nayuta will definitely show his strength in the future. Let’s see what this little girl can do.

The above is all the information about Nayuta – the afterlife of the demon king Makimo. Do you like this character? Do you want this girl to be the second Makima? Please leave a comment so we can chat.

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