Saw Man Is Over, Fans Are Demanding Another Tatsuki Fujimoto Manga Adaptation

Many viewers felt that Firefist was more attractive than his younger brother, Saw. With the appeal of the audience, is there still a chance for this comic to be brought to the small screen? Let us know more details about Lag in the following article.

What is Fire Fist?

Fire Fist is a manga created by Tatsuki Fujimoto. The story was published in April 2016 and ended in January 2018 – before Chainsaw was born. During its release, Fire Punch received extremely positive reviews from fans around the world. Experts also gave many positive comments on the comics, and awarded this work many excellent titles.

Fire Punch is set in a post-apocalyptic setting where the entire world is covered in ice and snow due to the influence of the Ice Witch. In this world, there are people who are “blessed” with special abilities. The protagonist Agni is such a person with the ability to regenerate. Once, the place where Agni lived was attacked by people with the power of “Eternal Fire”. His flames struck Agni, rendering him unable to die and unable to extinguish the flames. After nearly a decade of ordeal, Agni finally couldn’t take it anymore. He seeks out those who attacked him in the past with only desire for revenge.

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Fans are asking for an anime adaptation of the Fire Fist manga!

Fire Fist animation adaptation

From October to December 2022, the Chainsaw man anime produced by MAPPA aired and received a lot of positive reviews from the global community. The film has many shortcomings, but overall it is still a very engaging and worth watching anime. The success of Chainsaw Man has many Fujimoto-sensei fans seemingly wondering “what if Fire Punch was also animated?”

Shortly after the end of the Saw manga, there was a suggestion to adapt Fire Punch. According to Myjitsu’s compilation, many people have asked for an adaptation of the Fire Punch manga. They want Tatsuki Fujimoto’s first manga work to be known to more people. The content of “Fire Punch” is controversial, but overall, this work is still very impressive, because it contains the “vision” of many young artists.

However, some viewers expressed objections. They thought that the style of Fire Punch was very manga-like, and it was difficult to adapt it into an anime. This movie could have been a “disaster” if not taken seriously.

fire punch

Fire Punch is superior to Chainsaw Man in many ways. If Chainsaw Man was successful, so was Fire Punch.

Fire Punch deserves an anime, but it’s a huge investment.

Fans keep asking for it, but fans don’t know where the money is.

In my opinion, Fire Fist should only read the manga. Shooting can easily lose quality.

Huoquan accidentally scolded like a joke.

A few days ago, I asked to remake Chainsaw, now I want to continue the Firefist animation?

At present, opinions on adapting Fire Fist manga to animation are quite active. Not long ago, MAPPA revealed that in addition to Chainsaw, they are very interested in adapting Fujimoto Tatsuki’s entire manga into animation. Wonder if the fan opinion now is enough for MAPPA to bid on Fire Punch? Please pay attention to Lag to update hot information as soon as possible.

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