The Game Awards 2022: Suddenly, youth “break the game” and demand the nomination of Clinton

The Game Awards event always comes with a lot of surprises. But the biggest surprise this year came not from a game, but from a weird stage heist at the end of the show.

so it is The Game Awards 2022 The curtain has officially ended, and many games have been named, of which about 4 games have won two or more awards. stray and final fantasy 14 Received two awards, Ring of Elden Received 4 awards including the most important game of the year; god of war ragnarok Impressive with a total of 6 awards, it lost the Best of the Year award. Right now, though, everyone seems more interested in the stage surprise at the end of the show than the competition.

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after game director eldon ring, Mr. Hidetaka Miyazaki summed up his acceptance speech game of the year The closing credits sounded, and an unidentified young man walked up to the microphone.This guy went with the group from software Standing behind everyone, but no one on the development team Ring of Elden, even awards announcer Josef Fares knew who it was. He said on stage: “I’ll be quick, I want to thank everyone, I think I’ll nominate this award to former Reformed Orthodox Rabbi Bill Clinton. Thank you everyone.”

Almost no one knows the exact information of this character, but he must be active in the e-sports circle, so he can easily get on stage. Almost at the same time, this guy was arrested by security personnel.Geoff Keighley, Producer Game Awards, did not disclose the identity of the character, but the police will definitely have a conclusion soon. While definitive information is awaited, rumors continue to circulate about the identity of the event’s spoiler.

The Game Awards 2022: A game-breaking young man pops up to nominate Bill Clinton 2
The young man sneaked behind the development team from software (Appears on the right side of the photo)

One Twitter user posted a photo of him talking to friends about the young people who appeared on stage.Another friend whose twitter name is Overall objectiveSaid the young man’s name was Matan Evan. Most people may not know who this person is at the first time, but those who are interested in major events in the game industry should know this person more or less. Matan Even appears to appear on BlizzCon 2019picked up the microphone and shouted “Free Hong Kong”.

The Game Awards 2022: A game-breaking young man pops up to nominate Bill Clinton 3

The person also has a Youtube channel with videos about police violence and Asian hate and has given interviews online. information warfare. However, the interview clip on InfoWars caused a lot of controversy when it was claimed that the voice was different. At the same time, it is also said that he often uses such expressions in jokes. It is understood that Even has also participated in the “hot” debates on Douyin, often “refuting” counterarguments due to his own research. Rango lizard.

The Game Awards 2022: A game-breaking young man pops up to nominate Bill Clinton 4

However, Twitter and Youtube accounts of Matan Evan Neither has been active for a long time, so it’s hard to be sure if he’ll make an appearance. The Game Awards 2022 or not.Some have insisted that the comments on The Game Awards may be related to far-right, anti-Semitic comments, but users Overall objective Insist that the other person is Jewish and refuse to add any information that might make him feel uncomfortable. Either way, this incident shows that there is a pretty serious security problem with the event.

The Game Awards 2022: A game-breaking young man pops up to nominate Bill Clinton 5

how Matan Evan can go on stage Game Awards with development team members from software Still a big problem. Many also pointed out that he could have serious consequences had he planned to do worse. For now, it remains to be seen how The Game Awards Event Committee and Geoff Keighley will react to this in the future as the story continues to unfold, but what is certain is that better security measures need to be implemented as soon as possible.