Japanese anime suddenly deletes entire world map for fear of touching China

Not only is the ecchi image censored like many other cartoons, a recent one had to censor the entire world map so as not to touch China. For details, see the following articles.

About Epic Team Pop Anime

Epic Team Pop is an anime based on the comedy manga of the same name created by Ookawa bkub. The content of the work… nothing. Each simple story is a humorous plot centered around the two main characters, Popuko and Pipimi.

Season 2 of Epic Team Pop airs in early October 2022. The anime is inherently cute, so censorship is hardly a problem. In the latest episode, however, something seemingly innocuous was completely erased. Details are as follows.

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Japanese anime deletes the world map for fear of touching China

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Recently, Epic Team Pop season 2 aired an episode in which Popuko sat and chatted with Earth. Initially, the earth was covered with continents. However, in the version released by China, the earth…is just water, not a single piece of land.

Immediately, the above-mentioned “weird incident” spread on social networking sites. Many see this as a move to avoid territorial issues. Some comments are “cà khà”, deleted because the earth has no ox tongue pattern.

Among the audience’s comments, the saying “fear of touching China” is the most agreeable. At present, China has territorial disputes with more than 10 countries including Japan and Vietnam. To avoid getting into trouble with censors, and more seriously, the Chinese government, the team decided to make another map disappear.

Before Epic Team Pop, many anime had to censor their visuals before coming to China, such as Kimetsu No Yaiba or Kobayashi-san No Maid Dragon. Most of the factors being scrutinized have to do with ecchi image, but for now, political factors may also be taken into consideration.

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