Spoiler Black Clover 349 Asta Slashes Lily!

Spoiler Black Clover 349 Synopsis 348 Asta slashes at her crush without hesitation! Sister Lily is crying…

Black Clover 348 Summary

Learning Jadon, Ashtar unlocked the skill of “predicting” the enemy’s attack. Combined with anti-magic, Ashtar can resist any attack, no matter how strong they are. In addition, Ashtar is also able to face and overcome fear. Thanks to this, he easily defeated Uriel and faced Sister Lily!

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Spoiler Black Clover 348 Asta VS Lily sister 3 people lead new skills alone!

Spoiler Black Clover 349

Black Clover 349

In Chapter 349, Asta confronts Sister Lily head-on. The match was completely unexpected: Lily made several attacks, only to be dodged or knocked down with ease by Asta. Ashtar is mad that Lucius has made someone he loves “this way” – and his ideals are too morbid to comprehend, so Ashtar won’t “forgive” him.

The more she fights, the closer Asta gets to Sister Lily. Asta’s firmness reminded Sister Lily of many good memories between her and the hero. Towards the end, Lily sister burst into tears and said:

I don’t want to kill you either…

At the end of the story, Ashtar slashes at Sister Lily, cutting off Lucius’ powers and helping her crush get back to normal.

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Black Clover release time 349

Black Clover Chapter 349 is expected to be released on January 30, 2023. The spoiler information will be updated by Lag.vn in time. In this article, please bookmark or bookmark the article so that new information will be updated as soon as possible.

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