Why do Japanese anime characters…don’t have armpit hair?

The hair is thick, the eyebrows are thick, and some characters even have beards drawn in detail. Why is there no hair under the armpits?

Animation is becoming an entertainment product for millions of households, and there are many types, so the industry is developing very strongly in all aspects. Great works are also increasingly accessible to audiences, raising countless questions about them. Among them, one question has attracted widespread attention: “Why don’t anime characters have armpit hair?”

There are many reasons for answering this question, the following are the most reasonable given by the community.

1. Save time and effort

Drawing a manga or creating an anime episode takes a lot of time and effort from the production team. There’s a good reason why animation studios have to start production at least 3 years before it airs, otherwise they won’t be able to keep working on parts of something without spending a lot of time finishing it. Well, it’s about the animation part.

Cartoonists have terrible schedules. If your work is published in a weekly manga magazine, you need to create a new chapter valid image within 1 week. This is also where Dragon Ball, Hokage, and Saint Seiya are introduced. This may not seem like much since a chapter is only 10-20 pages long, but you should try to do everything yourself. It took an hour just to complete a full page with all the scenes and details.

Unfortunately, most current cartoonists are artists and writers at the same time, so they need a lot of time to develop the story. They usually design characters in such a way that they can replicate them relatively quickly. In most comics, it would take more ink and time to draw more of this area, so it’s not necessary.

2. Due to heredity

In terms of anime’s reflection of Japan, Asians generally don’t have much body hair. Anthropologically, this may be related to genetic processes. Asian anime origins tend to be closer to the equator, which makes them have a lot less body hair, if not no.

Why do Japanese anime characters...don't have armpit hair? 2

On the other hand is the Asian concept of beauty, which increasingly tends to remove hair from the underarms and extremities, which is directly reflected in their works.

3. As required by law

Depictions of genitals, pubic hair and copulation are illegal in Japan. While it has been relaxed for over a decade, the reality is that anime/manga publications in the country are still subject to considerable material censorship. However, one way to avoid scrutiny of these products is to no longer draw body hair. Since then, the characters in the anime/manga have been molded and took their current shape.

Why do Japanese anime characters...don't have armpit hair? 3