Spoiler One Piece 1057: Yamato officially joins – the Straw Hats arrive on the next island!

Spoiler One Piece 1057, summary of chapter 1056: Arc Wano has officially ended. From the next chapter, Luffy and the Straw Hats will bid farewell to Momonosuke and set sail with Yamato! What is the next island?

Summary of One Piece 1056

one piece 1057

At the beginning of chapter 1056, the super giant banquet ended. The Nine Hong Bao groups get together and discuss Wano’s future. Last time, thanks to Kaido, no one dared to look at Wano, but now hostile forces will gradually appear.

In another development, Inuarashi and Nekomamushi decided to choose Carrot as the new leader of the Mokomo Principality, protecting the Mink clan in their stead. These two wanted to stay in Wano to serve Momonosuke. Wanda and Captain Shishilian say that they will assist Carrot in carrying out her mission.

Next, we see Sukiyaki revealing his identity to his descendants and servants. Everyone is very happy. Sukiyaki suggested that his true identity be kept secret. He doesn’t want his return to cause any further disturbances for Wano.

In the pages that follow, we see the Straw Hats discussing the Ancient Weapon Pluton together.

It was a weapon bearing the name of a god. Do you want that, Luffy.

I don’t need it!

Robin of course knew that Luffy would answer like that. She just didn’t understand what Oden had learned to intend to release this weapon. They were chatting when Shinobu and Tama appeared. Shinobu is now slim and beautiful thanks to being sucked in nutrition. She already accepted Tama as her student. Luffy knew that was very happy, promising to let her be his teammate if Tama knew how to use ninjutsu.

In an unnoticed corner, Caribou heard everything. He intends to report back to “that person”…

In the days that followed, Wano gradually recovered. Everyone is living a happy life. Momonosuke is respected by the people, called “General”. After Momo finished her inspection, she returned to the city. At this point, he knew that the Straw Hats had already arrived at the harbor. Oh, come on, don’t say hello to me?

At Takage Harbor, Luffy, Kid and Law prepare to set sail. The alliance ended, so all three decided to go in 3 different directions. In this paragraph, information about Buggy’s Cross Guild organization is mentioned. Luffy and Zoro don’t believe Buggy can do such a big thing.

In the final stages, Momo calls Yamato and learns that he is on the roof of the castle. Yamato says it’s time for him to set sail and it’s time for him to live life like Oden!

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Spoiler One Piece 1056: The reason why Buggy became the Yonko – appeared to organize a hunt for the Marines!

One Piece 1057 spoiler prediction

one piece 1057

First of all, let’s talk a little about Buggy’s Cross Guild organization. This organization’s idea of ​​hanging money from the Marines would be a great start to creating a terrible mess in the future. Think about it: the pirates now instead of being afraid to encounter the Marines will go to the Marines themselves to “hunt the bounty”. The people who were oppressed by the Navy will now be motivated to stand up and fight. Wow, that sounds like a lot to the Marines!

According to Luffy’s comment, Buggy is just a “stupid” name. In the storyline, Buggy isn’t exactly like that. He’s smart – but to set up a Cross Guild with the goal of pursuing Marines doesn’t sound like Buggy at all. According to Lag, this idea may have come from Crocodile. Crocodile proposed an alliance with Buggy to implement this idea. The reason Mihawk joined the organization is… well, Lag can’t figure it out.

Caribou said he would need to notify “that person”. The “person” that Caribou was referring to was most likely Blackbeard. Caribou was originally a subordinate of Blackbeard and he actively stayed with the Straw Hats to gather information. Some readers speculate that Caribou is an insider of the Navy. What do you think?

In the next chapter, perhaps we will see Yamato recreate the “claw swing” of the old Oden to go out with the Straw Hats. This detail is probably meant to be a joke, and at the same time marks the official entry of this character to the tape. Momonosuke hasn’t greeted everyone yet, so he might turn into a dragon and do something grand to see off the Straw Hats. In general, Lag thinks the next chapter will not have any outstanding developments, mainly it will be constructive information for the plot later.

Well, Yamato is currently a person with quite a bit of information thanks to reading Oden’s diary. Maybe in the next chapters, Yamato will share the information with his teammates.

According to some predictions, perhaps the Straw Hats will go to Elbaf Island. This island has been mentioned for a long time, shouldn’t Oda-sensei also show the land of giants?

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Spoiler One Piece 1057

Next week the story takes a break. One Piece 1057 spoiler will be updated as soon as possible, the full version is expected to be available on August 17.

One Piece release time 1057

Take a week off for Obon, One Piece Chapter 1057 is scheduled to be released August 22, 2022 Japan time. Spoiler information will be updated by Lag.vn NOW IN THIS ARTICLE, so if you don’t want to miss all the latest information, save this article or bookmark it right away!

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