Spoiler My Hero Academia 360: BIG 3 VS Shigaraki – What is Bakugo going to do?

My Hero Academia 360 has the main content is the confrontation between BIG 3 and Shigaraki. At the beginning of the chapter, Shigaraki grabs Bakugo, destroys all of his armor, and prepares to deliver the finishing blow. Nejire approached, launching an attack. Shigaraki held up Bakugo as a shield, and at the same time stretched out his hand to counterattack. Nejire didn’t want to hurt Bakugo, so he redirected the attack elsewhere.

From then on, Tamaki used a scorpion’s tail to “stick” Shigaraki’s shoulder. This attack made Shigaraki slightly irritated so he created a giant body that attacked everything around. Mirio took advantage of the chaos to catch Bakugo then throw him to safety. Shigaraki tried to hit Mirio but every hit was pierced. From a distance, Nejire unleashed her powers into Mirio’s hands. A powerful punch was unleashed. Shigaraki was pushed back, but it didn’t seem too bad.

In the distance, Bakugo chatted with Jeanist. He didn’t seem like he wanted to give up yet. On the last page, Jeanist notices that Bakugo is emitting a very thick sweat and he is also observing the battle closely for an opportunity to attack!

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