Spoiler Kingdom 730: Phi Tin Quan Attacks Nghi An Citadel!

Spoiler Kingdom chapter 730, summary of chapter 729: Joining forces with Hoan Ky army, Phi Tin Quan attacked Nghi An citadel. The upcoming Qin – Trieu battle will depend a lot on this match. Can Tin successfully capture Nghi An before Ly Mu brings troops?

Kingdom 729 Summary

The King of Heaven 729 tells us a bit about the past of the Horse. At the age of 13, Ky was found in the forest by the Sa Devil clan. They decided to take him home to take care of him and join the clan. Cavalry with a cunning nature and intelligent mind has gradually become the leader, making the Sa Devil race one of the most powerful.

In another development, Ky and a group of soldiers are evading the pursuit of Zhao’s army. In the last pages of the story, Hong Xuan 6 was present near Nghi An citadel! Here’s your chance to strike back!

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Spoiler Kingdom 730

kingdom 730

After a 2-week break, Kingdom 730 opens with the main events being the siege of Nghi An. Phi Tin Quan and Yue Huajun will participate in this campaign. Together they discussed the plan and agreed to march just before dawn.

Due to the fact that most of the troops had been sent to fight, Nghi An citadel did not have too many troops left. However, that does not make Nghi An citadel easy to eat. Qin army is also much weaker now. The most anticipated weapon at the moment is Hong Xuan 6.

Zhao saw the tower approaching, so he sent the archers to attack… but couldn’t do anything. Tower close to the city wall. Immediately, Tin and Phi Tin Quan rushed out to attack. Zhao was a bit surprised, but quickly calmed down to deal with it. Smoke signals were also lit to notify Li Mu that Nghi An was under attack.

Due to fighting from only one side, Phi Tin Quan was gradually suppressed. At this time, Trung Thiet, Long Xuyen, Dien Huu aka the three guardians of Phi Tin Quan pioneered to break through Zhao’s defense!

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Kingdom 730 release time

Kingdom – King of Heaven chapter 730 is expected to be released 25th August 2022. Spoiler information will be UPDATED IMMEDIATELY IN THIS ARTICLE by Lag.vn, so if you don’t want to miss it, bookmark it now!

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