Spoiler Kanojo Okarishimasu 248: OTP Kazuya x Chizuru discuss marriage and family!


The latest, most accurate spoiler information and all you need to know about Kanojo Okarishimasu 248: Returning home after[SPOILER], Kazuya and Chizuru discuss the happiness of marriage and family. Arriving at the place, both were shocked by the tragic situation!

Summary of Kanojo Okarishimasu 247

After Kazuya finds a photo of Chizuru’s mother, he hears the heroine tell the few memories she has of her. After hearing the story, Kazuya has feelings for Chizuru. He was about to put his arm around her, when an earthquake struck.

In order to protect Chizuru, Kazuya accidentally lays on top of her – the two even nearly kiss. Kazuya quickly sat up, but Chizuru held him and said:


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Spoiler Kanojo Okarishimasu 248

kanojo okarishimasu 248

Continuing the unexpected situation in the previous chapter Girlfriend Hire Service 248 opens with Kazuya’s thoughts. Thinking that the female lead had accepted him, the male lead thought of all sorts of beautiful scenarios. But all of that was quickly put away because it turned out that Chiz was only doing it because there were leaves on Kazuya’s head.

Hometown too rural, Kazuya hastily left.

Left alone in the room, Chizuru found herself too silly to be confused about the leaf again. Looks like Chiz is a bit regretful too…

The earthquake is over. The two main characters go home together. Kazuya unexpectedly asked Chizuru what kind of marriage she would like. Chiz was too surprised to answer. The conversation then turned into marital health care. Kazuya feels that he has learned more about Chiz and he hopes to be closer in the future, even living with her for the rest of his life.

I don’t know if there are any Buddhas to testify to Kazuya, but his wish is too spiritual. Arriving at the inn, Kazuya and Chizuru were surprised to find that the place they had been staying had been severely damaged by the earthquake. This Phen has to go out and live together!

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Kanojo Okarishimasu Release Time 248

Kanojo Okarishimasu chapter 248 is expected to be released on August 24, 2022. Spoiler information for chapter 249 will be updated by Lag.vn as soon as possible.

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