Spoiler Black Clover 338: The Power of the Hino – Yami’s Sister Appears!

Spoiler Black Clover 338, Summary 337: Walking the streets with Ryudo, Asta gradually realizes the power of the Hino. Impressed, Asta decided to stay as a teacher!

Summary of Black Clover 337

At the beginning of chapter 337, Nacht goes to the Black Burrow to report Asta’s situation. Although the chances are quite low, everyone believes that Asta is still alive.

Soon after, we learn that Asta is still alive. He was saved by Ryudo – the shogun of Hino Kingdom. Ryudo said he used to be friends with Yami and he “saw” everything that happened with his own eyes. Ryudo asks Asta to stay in Hino and he will help him become stronger!

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Spoiler Black Clover 337: Asta arrives in Hino kingdom, meets Yami’s ‘twin brother’!

Spoiler Black Clover 338

black clover 338

Following on from the previous chapter, Asta is concerned that if he lingers here, Lucius will harm the people of the Three Kingdoms. Ryudo slowly explained that Lucius won’t act yet, at least not for the time being.

Peace of mind, Asta asked what “shogun” was. Ryudo explained that it was the same position as the Sorcerer King in the Three Kingdoms. Asta found it a bit strange because he felt that… Ryudo was not strong at all. The girl next to her was furious when she heard that, but Ryudo remained calm. He said that he would take Asta for a walk to learn more about Hino.

In this land, people don’t use magic books. Instead, they used Japanese-style scrolls. While walking, a group of bandits appeared and attacked civilians. Ryudo intervened. The girl accompanying him then came forward and quickly dealt with the bandits.

In the final events, we learn that the other girl is Ichika – Yami’s younger sister!

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Black Clover 338 release time

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