Revealing the child actor’s dream life in the 11 billion-view MV ‘Baby Shark’ after 6 years

It’s been 6 years since the MV “Baby Shark”, the views of the video have continued to increase and the boy who played the MV also has unexpected changes.

In early 2022, the “Baby Shark” MV officially reached 11 billion views on YouTube. In Vietnam, people often call this song “coaxing the nation’s children” because wherever there are children, it is easy to hear this tune. With the cute melody “Baby Shark” is very “popular” with children around the world. This song was actually released in 2014 in Indonesia but it was not until 2016 that it was posted on social networks. Since then, “Baby Shark” has garnered a significant amount of views. Along with the rapid increase in views is also the growth of the boy who starred in the MV, no longer a “baby shark”, he is now a 14-year-old boy with many changes.

“Baby Shark” MV now has over 11 billion views on YouTube

The boy playing in the MV is real name Park Gun-ryong, born in 2008 in Incheon, South Korea. The “baby shark” is currently the leader of the group Play eeith me club Newly launched in 2020.

The boy in the “Baby Shark” MV is now the leader of a group

Gun-ryong participated in the MV “Baby Shark” when he was 8 years old, after 6 years he has grown up and also had certain success at the age of 14. This guy owns a huge fan base just like that. other famous idols, Gun-ryong also has a large following on the social network.

“Baby Shark” has now become a 14-year-old boy with certain successes

Having a musical talent since childhood, Gun-ryong’s family is also very supportive. Initially, his family oriented his son into acting, but when he joined “Baby Shark”, he probably had musical talent and passion, so he appeared more as a dancer on big and small stages. .

The boy is passionate about art and music from an early age

In addition to his inherent talent and hard work, what helps Gun-ryong attract a large number of fans is his extremely bright, intelligent, and visual appearance that is no less than any other idol. He also shared that he is trying to become an idol in the future. The online community also believes that with this talent and effort, the “baby shark” will soon succeed.

The “Baby Shark” MV has now surpassed the population milestone and shows no sign of stopping being hot. Thanks to this huge view, the business situation of the song publishing company also grew strongly from a start-up company.

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