Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet | Announcement Trailer

Welcome to the open world of Pokémon.

Embark on an open-world adventure in Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet, arriving on Nintendo Switch in late 2022.

40 thoughts on “Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet | Announcement Trailer

  1. Fuecoco is a horse. Not a crocodile. Each fire starter is modeled after a member of the Chinese zodiac.

    Charizard: Dragon
    Typhlosion: Rat
    Blaziken: Rooster
    Infernape: Monkey
    Emboar: Pig
    Inceneroar: Tiger
    Cinderace: Rabbit

    Only the horse, ox and goat are available.

    Fuecoco is a clearly a horse. It has a ponytail and hooves. Not a Croc!! If anything he looks like a Hippo which have always been regarded as “water horses”…


  2. 2:04 looks like lisbon and you can see features from barcelona as well. And the map in the house at the end shows a map that looks just like the iberian peninsula.

    Finaly portugal and spain based pokemon games. Since it’s a open world game the region makes so much sense since portugal and spain discovered the whole world. Perfect.


  3. Maybe some day Nintendo will make an actualy powerful console like the PS or Xbox, and we will get to see a beautiful pokemon game instead of this outdated shit from a handheld device.

    Maybe one day.


  4. I am going to attempt to refer to the starters according to what animal I think they're based on. Feel free to respond on any mistakes and I will try to fix them in an edit:

    Gen 1
    Fire salamander, water turtle and grass dinosaur

    Gen 2
    Fire aardvark, water crocodile, grass (I have no idea what that thing is suppose to be)

    Gen 3
    Fire chicken, water axolotl and grass gecko

    Gen 4
    Fire monkey, water penguin and grass tortoise

    Gen 5
    Fire pig, water otter and grass snake

    Gen 6
    Fire fox, water frog and grass chipmunk

    Gen 7
    Fire cat, water sea lion and grass owl

    Gen 8
    Fire rabbit, water chameleon and grass monkey

    Gen 9
    Fire alligator, water duck and grass cat.


  5. maybe the fire starters will be like charmander but instead it final evolve form will be like a feathered serpent if they continue with the whole fire chinese zodiac pattern


  6. Bro that circle with all the types just shows how powerfull and how cool pokemon are if pokemon keeps the game something like this and keeps all Pokémon on there I will definitely buy it no doubt


  7. Seein how good games like botw and Odyssey were after release game freak should have kept up with graphical standards but considering that game freak consists of a smaller team than the others it is predestined that the amount of time developing that game just won't be adequate to todays standards. After watching the second trailer it is obvious that the graphics over all aren't up to par. Game Freak needs to step up to whoever gives them the deadline and tell them it isn't ready for release in terms of standards. My worry is if they continue to rush the main line games like they did since the 3DS era that Pokémon will be a dead franchise with only die hard fans keeping it alive. Game Freak is in need of solid deadlines and higher budget which they don't get Nintendo and Pokémon Company are making the franchise and Game Freak bleed.


  8. They have gone from Many different spots like Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, New York, Paris, Hawaii, United Kingdom, and now Spain I’m just wondering now what tree the professor is named after now


  9. Everyone hush with the negatives about this being a rushed game they still are in the making of it and need SOMETHING to show people graphics will be much better then this obviously after they patch the MAIN issues


  10. My fan made version of the 9th Generation Pokémon League

    1. Normal
    2. Dark
    3. Water
    4. Steel
    5. Fire
    6. Bug
    7. Ground
    8. Psychic

    1. Grass
    2. Fairy
    3. Dragon
    4. Electric


  11. Me and my lack of desire for a switch. I refuse to buy a console just to play yet another pokemon game! That's what the 3ds XL was for god damnit!


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