Pokémon Presents | 2.27.2022

It’s time for the next Pokémon Presents.

Tune in at 6:00 a.m. PST for about 14 minutes of Pokémon news.

37 thoughts on “Pokémon Presents | 2.27.2022

  1. Gen 9 is looking rough, I think it looks like its going to be just as buggy and unfinished as Legends Arceus. Legends Arceus was fun, but its not a game I care to replay because of the terribly long intro. I'm sure I would have fun with Scarlet or Violet, but it would be one I buy then give away right after finishing. With only a couple months left until release, there's no way Scarlet and Violet are going to look much better than this, and there's no way the gameplay or story is going to be good enough to become a classic to me. Its sad because if you compare it to games that came out years ago like Mario Odyssey and BOTW, Gen 9 graphics look like garbage in comparison. This trailer stuff also looks worse than the 3DS games did.


  2. I think it’s disgusting the level of quality game freak and the pokemon company deems acceptable for AAA release. Gen nine is blatantly reusing assets from LA, which wouldn’t be a problem if those games weren’t graphically outshined by the likes of Mario sunshine. A game which released 20 years ago. This is the largest grossing media franchise to ever exist. If you took any other major Nintendo title and it released in the bugged downgraded state the recent pokemon games have there would be enormous backlash. Pokemon is being held to the standard of an indie studio which lets them produce games which are unfinished and anti consumer without the backlash they deserve. A good example of this is for BDSP released on cartridge they artificially kept the size requirement for the game low enough so that they could ship it as an incomplete item on the cheaper 8GB cartridge then put the rest of the game in as day one patch. This day one patch included all of the music for the game and the entire postgame, and raised the storage requirement to a point where pokemon would need to spend more on production. This is one of many examples and I implore you to look into this sort of behaviour yourself for just fifteen minutes, you will be very surprised. If fans really want a genuinely fantastic experience we need to call it out when standards aren’t met. I really hope gen nine turns out well and are the games everyone hopes for but if the past has been any indication they won’t change anything until customers show some action.

    TLDR; the games are far too low quality for an IP of this size. And the pokemon company likes to scam it’s customers. Please look it up if you have the time.


  3. What are some future game names you’d like to have?

    Pokémon King & Queen
    Pokémon Light & Dark
    Pokémon Hydro & Inferno
    Pokémon North & South
    Pokémon Dawn & Dusk


  4. Can you make pokemon let's go ho-oh and let's go lugia that after you beat the game you can catch a plane for ruby and sapphire… Two birds one stone and entirely new airplane edition since ho-oh and lugia fly.


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