Pokémon Presents | 08.03.2022

Tune in at 6AM PT on August 3rd, 2022 for a Pokémon Presents video presentation with updates on Pokémon apps and video games, including Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet!

29 thoughts on “Pokémon Presents | 08.03.2022

  1. I don't the lengederys and for some reason the add another gimmick

    I don't like gimiks

    I will personally like to see pokemon customization and more pokemon veriaritis can you imagine if the add stuff like fut Pikachu and meny other pokemon like those as pokemon forms the don't nessery need to Chenge the type I will be as extra pokemon for the some spacese in the order to have more more verity

    one other thing I will like to see pokemon height to not be the same

    I also like to see shide quest


  2. I loved Mega Evolutions. I really liked Dyna/Gigamax. So Scarlet/Violet do not appear to be keeping 'all' my favorite elements.
    And on the counter hand, I am far from sold on the 'crystal Pokémon with funny hats' phenomenon.
    Also, I'm still hoping for Legends elements, like being able to catch Pokémon without fighting them, and being able to freely swap between all previously learned moves.


  3. Terastallizing reminds me of those old Delta Pokemon cards that had the Pokemon on them as a completely different type! it seems really cool!


  4. There is one simple thing for Pokémon NOT to do with this game, ONE SIMPLE THING, and that’s shiny locking anything, starters or especially legendaries, there is no reason, NO REASON AT ALL, this is a mistake so simple not to make, shiny locking Pokémon that you can only get in that game does NOTHING but make shiny hunters angry, I really hope Pokémon uses their heads with this


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