“Phan Kim Lien’s husband” is 1m28 tall, famous for peach blossom in real life, married 4 beautiful wives


Chen Tammu is the shortest actor in China. Although only 1m28 tall, Tam Moc has achieved many successes in his career and is famous as a flower digger.

Phan Kim Lien's husband is 1m28 tall, famous for peach flowers in real life, married to 4 beautiful wives - Photo 1.

Tran Tam Moc often gets supporting roles, but he always shows seriousness in art.

Bullied for looks but always optimistic and progressive

Since childhood, Tran Tam Moc had a pituitary disease, so he was only 1m28 tall. The different appearance makes Tam Moc often bullied by his classmates. His parents used to cry many times when thinking about the future of their children.

Tran Tam Moc once shared on Sina news site: “At first, I was self-deprecating with everyone. However, I thought that if I remained like this forever, I would not change anything. I try my best to make society right. change the way you see yourself”.

Phan Kim Lien's husband is 1m28 tall, famous for peach flowers in real life, married to 4 beautiful wives - Photo 2.

Chen Tammu – China’s shortest actor

Although he does not have a handsome appearance or ideal height, he still makes many people admire by his progressive spirit, overcoming hardships to get the name he is today.

Efforts to pursue art

Since childhood, Tran Tam Moc has nurtured a passion for art. At the age of 30, he left his hometown to Beijing to pursue his dream.

In the early days, Tam Moc was assigned to play the role of the masses, the character of a passerby, a beggar or a mutant with a strange appearance… In an interview, the actor said that he could not sleep when he played his first role. His first was broadcast.

However, the different appearance is still a barrier that causes the actor to lose many opportunities. Not receiving regular roles plus meager income from public roles, Tam Moc’s life encountered many difficulties. At that time, the shortest actor in China had to sleep under a bridge, eat leftovers, and drink tap water in public toilets to live through the day.

Witnessing his son’s hardship, his father repeatedly advised Tam Moc to give up his dream and go back to his hometown to do business, but he was still determined to follow the career of an actor. In the city, he was looking for opportunities to act in films while working part-time at hotels and restaurants.

In the end, Tam Moc’s relentless efforts paid off. In 2002, he acted in the classic film “The Seventeenth Masterpiece Luu Gu” with Tran Tieu Xuan, Tu Thieu Cuong,… Tran Tam Moc’s graceful and delicate acting style quickly impressed the audience.

After that, he received invitations to participate in many projects such as “Truong Duc Dien Nghia”, “Thien Tien Mai”, “Confucius Spring and Autumn”, “Nine Chau Hai Thuong Muc Van Ky”…

At the age of U60, Tran Tam Moc still made a mark with the role of Vo Dai Lang in “Phan Kim Lien’s revenge”. In addition to his character-appropriate appearance, his graceful and natural acting received the love of a large audience.

Over the years, Tran Tam Moc has continuously appeared in television productions. In addition to acting, he also participates in talkshows and sales livestreams.

Thanks to hard work, at the age of 63, the actor has had a fairly stable and affluent life. Tran Tam Moc once humorously said that he would strive his whole life to get the award “Asia’s shortest emperor”.

Number of peach blossoms

Phan Kim Lien's husband is 1m28 tall, famous for peach blossom in real life, married 4 beautiful wives - Photo 3.

Now he is happy with his fourth wife.

Although “husband Phan Kim Lien” in real life has a short appearance, he is quite peachy after going through 4 marriages.

The actor said his appearance has never made it difficult for him to meet and communicate with women. His four wives all have beautiful beauty and sexy bodies. However, the women who came to him were known for being greedy for money.

Tran Tam Moc’s three previous marriages ended because of their different looks as well as pressure from family and the public. The actor’s current wife is nearly 1m60 tall and 10 years younger than him.

Tran Tam Moc revealed that he and his wife were quite compatible. Despite facing whispers and gossip, he has learned to live confidently. Therefore, the couple often go down the street together. Currently, the actor confirms that he is living a full life with his family.

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