One Punch Man 218 spoiler prediction: The story takes a week off before entering the new arc!


One Punch Man 218 spoiler prediction, chapter 217 summary: After taking a break for a week, OPM will enter a new arc with extremely interesting details. Saitama will have a new generation of monsters?

Summary of One Punch Man 217

one punch man 218

One Punch Man 217 is the final chapter of the Monster Association arc. Unlike the original, Garou was found by Bang and now he’s with his teacher. After what happened, with Bang’s guidance, Garou no longer has the passion to be a villain. Looks like he will be Bang’s successor.

In the final events, Saitama and Genos go to see if there is anything left from the bald hero’s house.

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One Punch Man 218 spoiler prediction

one punch man 218

If you pay close attention to the last page of chapter 217, you’ll see a dark, shabby figure looking over at Saitama and Genos. This is probably the dog Rover that was knocked down by Saitama. Now that Rover has weakened quite a bit, its body has also shrunk. In the coming developments, Rover will become Saitama’s pet.

Well, in addition to Rover, Saitama will also receive another monster called Black Sperm as a friend. The one-eyed monster Monako may also join the “army” of bald heroes.

As stated in the previous predictions, in the next arc, Saitama will be promoted to A rank. Thanks to this, he is provided with a house to live in. Saitama’s life is getting better but the general situation of the hero association is taking a turn for the worse. The “separations” will gradually become clearer and then the main content of the next arc will be clearer in 2-3 chapters.

UPDATE: After announcing the anime One Punch Man season 3, author Yusuke Murata said he will take a month off to have time to rest and prepare for the next arc.

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Spoiler One Punch Man 218 Official

One Punch Man 218 spoiler will be updated as soon as possible, expected on September 14.

One Punch Man 218 release time

As planned, One Punch Man chapter 218 will be released on September 14 – 21. Spoiler prediction information will be updated by as soon as possible.

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