One Piece Mysteries ☣️

The One Piece Mysteries is the most things you want to know !!!

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20 thoughts on “One Piece Mysteries ☣️

  1. I think shirley prediction about luffy destroying fishman island maybe when he destroy the red line the debris will destroy the island and then the seaking will pull the people on the Noah


  2. Dragons power is probably wind, storm or something along those lines cause if you remember when he saved sabo he used wind as a cushion to land on their ship so that’s my guess


  3. I think there is more than that I mean the moon and enel future tole crocodile role 🌚 but i guess almost solved and uranus loadstar I remember crocus said the crew will reach it so and oh yeah copper Scopper Gaban wb jr story and is he truly the son Wb , and tbh i always thought we will visit the island noland got executed in it the same way visited the island roger got executed in it because roger story and noland story are extremely simller but hella different both found legendary islands people believed roger no one belived noland roger died a legend noland died a lier si yep lets


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