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34 thoughts on “One Piece Film Red – Official Trailer 2 | AniTV”

  1. I hope toei anime make a next one piece movie that telling about jack sparrow, the most dangerous pirate with many fun moment. He ate devil fruit that can manipulate Someone with his speech. So, he deceived many people like rocks, roger, Whitebeard, big mom, kaido, shanks, blackbeard, admirals, and other characters in the past until present. Then make a scenario, Jack sparrow meet with straw hat pirate in a mission. Finnaly, straw hat pirate got deceived by jack sparrow..

  2. 私は日本人ですがシャンクスは映画に

  3. I like how in every OP film trailer, they show glimpses of badass characters to hype the movie. For example, Garp , Sengoku, Akainu, Kizaru, Fujitora, Shanks, Lucci, Sabo, etc.. Only to be shown in a very small clip, talking about basically nothing important, in the actual film. I’m talking about films since Strong World.

    Some of these trailers show them clashing with strong opponents (Sabo vs Lucci, Fuji vs Zolo) etc. but when you watch the film, that scene is all there is to it. No actual fight or anything

    I am seriously not looking forward to this movie. It was heavily implied to be about Shanks due to the title, but I can see it will be a singing cry baby who will need to be rescued by Luffy. Shanks will only appear as a flashback & another scene talking about how close he is meeting with luffy.

  4. infiltraram uma pseudo idol ai, sai fora, filme red é para mostrar o shanks solando e o bando do chapeu de ferias em algum cassino no estilo do filme tesoro, vai cantar na pqp.

  5. My name is PUTRA but my friends often call me UTA, it's an honor to have the same name as Shanks' daughter. It's like a dream, my name can exist and be clearly displayed in this trailer In my favorite anime😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏🔥🥰


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