One piece film red extra info!!! (@sandman_AP on twitter)


* Shanks’ bounty 12 years ago is 1.04 (or 1.004) billion berries. Shanks is known as “the killer of Color of Observation Haki”, which doesn’t let his opponent see through the future. Shanks uses his burning sword to villains.
* 1-year-old Shanks was found in a treasure chest by Roger and Rayleigh that was stolen by Roger when God Valley incident happened. Source: Volume 4 Billion handed out in theaters.
* Luffy meets Shanks although Luffy is unconsciously down. The scene where>! Luffy as Nika !<and Shanks attack their enemy at the same time was awesome. Shanks warns Kizaru and Fujitora, “If you’re gonna steal Uta from us, be prepared to die!” and releases Conqueror’s Haki.
* Kizaru is sweating to see Shanks’ Haki , “So…this is the Haki of Yonko Shanks..” Fujitora decides to retreat, saying they shouldn’t start a “war” despite many citizens near them.
* Beckman is good at Haki and rifles, whose bullet penetrates his enemy. He loves women and is popular among women. Yasopp never misses his mark and loves dancing. Lucky Roo is a cook and is not good at handling women. He is good at Haki and attacks like a bowling ball.
* Bonk Punch and Monster are musicians. While Monster beats fodders and gain time, Bonk spends some time and releases a strong punch to a formidable enemy in one breath. Oda wrote his power is super-strong. Limejuice fights with a electric stick “in the air like Sanji”.
* Hongo is a doctor and so familiar with weapons that he can rip apart weapons instantly. He loves a clean environment. Building Snake is a navigator. He attacks with a stomping kick. He fights with acrobatic juggling two-sword style. He is good at defense.
* Howling Gab attacks with cutting howling. He hates insects and ghosts. Rockstar attacks with his “smashing-up sword style”. He digs a hole with his sword like a drill. He has a strong sense of justice and wants others to follow rules.


* In the film, Shanks gets beaten up in his face by many manipulated citizens, but he won’t attack them and just endures, worrying about their health. On the other hand, Kizaru instantly tries to kill citizens who attack him.
* Kizaru tries to kill citizens with his laser beam since they attack Marines. Beckman prevents him as seen in Marineford. Kizaru says, “It’s sarcastic that pirates protect citizens and Marines kill them.” Akainu ordered to kill Uta no matter how many citizens die.
* *According to Gorousei (Five Elders), Shanks belongs to “Fearland Family”. Maybe it means Shanks was a member of the Celestial Dragons..?*
* **EDIT:** Ben Beckman stops Kizaru in the movie, as happened in Marineford, and he even showed Haki with his hand and grabbed the shots fired by the Navy. He shoots haki bullets too.
* Yasopp shows very powerful observational Haki as he can communicate with Uta’s world and Katakuri can barely see his own Haki.
* Lucky roux attacks like cannonbolt from Ben 10.


Oda implies in Volume 4 billion that Shanks has his own plan for the new era. Wonder what Oda means. BTW, Oda wrote that the main theme of Film Red is “What is virtual reality? What is reality? Is it evil to escape to virtual reality?”

[Shanks crew members with names, for less confusion](

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  1. So Shanks being a Celestial Dragon or being Rocks son is definitely a thing?

    EDIT: Sandman just said that according to the Gorosei, Shanks is from the “Fearland Family”

    Any idea who that is?

  2. >1-year-old Shanks was found in a treasure chest by Roger and Rayleigh that was stolen by Roger when God Valley incident happened.

    Is this the big secret of Shanks’ past that kept being talked about?

    This would be canon then, right?

  3. Does this confirm that Shanks and Buggy weren’t picked up at the same place? It always made more sense to me, their origins in the vivre card are different places in West Blue and the Grand Line. And Buggy always seemed to have a different relationship with the Roger pirates, I doubt he would have tried to abandon the ship that one time if he spent his whole life on a ship like Shanks.

    That said, does that mean God Valley is in West Blue? Or did Roger leave Shanks in West Blue for a while and then picked him up later when he was old enough to be a pirate? Because Shanks in the manga stated he brought sake from his hometown in West Blue, but how can that be God Valley when apparently it’s gone now? Seeing how Shanks left Uta to be raised on an island by someone else it’s possible Roger did the same to him.

  4. >Shanks is known as “the killer of Color of Observation Haki”

    Shanks has Mastered ALL Three Haki’s in Current Timeline without a doubt! Brooooooooooooooo! YOOOOOOOO! Shanks is freaken POWERFUL!! He even had Kizaru sweating! Mf’s REALLY Said Shanks was the Weakest Yonko???? After Kaido put Shanks on his Top 5 Strongest Pirates y’all should’ve waited

  5. So Shanks has Haki so strong he counters opponents that see the future, but he and his crew was somehow outsmarted and outran by a low-time East Blue bandit and his smoke bomb

    And the Sea King taking his arm too, but Ill just accept the explanation that he intentionally wanted to get his arm eaten even if I don’t like it

  6. Luffy is 19. He was 7 when he met shanks. Which means Shanks had a 1 billion bounty when he met Luffy.

    First, how did Higuma not know his bounty?
    Second, how did Higuma escape from Shanks
    Third, Higuma has balls to talk down to a 1 bil bounty pirate

  7. It’s cool to finally see the fighting style of Shanks’ crew. Crazy how they are so deadly without devil fruit or without any special gimmicks. These guys are just tough monsters.

  8. Everyone jerking off to Shanks Haki, not thinking of Teach who gave Shanks a Scar regardless of how powerful Shanks is. And Shanks mentioned that he wasn’t careless too. You guys are sleeping on BB. He’s going to come join the party to Zehahahaha soon


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