One Piece chapter 1052 spoilers 

Thanks to Etenboby from WG forums 

Chapter 1052: “New Morning”

Cover: The Germas encounter Caesar 

– Zunesha left because the borders are closed 

– Hawkins reveals in a talk to Drake that he meant himself when he said one person only has 1% chance of survival. Hawkins predicted Kaido’s defeat with his cards but didn’t commit another betrayal because of his pride. 

7 days passed

– We see the progress made in the land of Wano. 

– Apoo & Inbi seem to have made up with the alliance 

– Ashura died & Izo died in his exchange with Maha (tall CP0 guy) 

– A few comedy & fanservice scenes including yamato and the straw hats 

– Yamato is with the guys(Luffy, Brook, Neko…) 

– Greenbull (Ryokugyu) is on his way to Wano 

Additional info-

  • Apparently we’ll get bounties in 1053, since newspapers have already arrived… 
  • We don’t see Ryogokyu’s(Greenbull) face, he has a flower on his back that he uses to push himself and fly. 
  • We see the crew recovered (includes Zoro). 


From Sandman 

One piece will go on a break after chapter 1053 from 27th June to 25th July for Oda to prepare for the final “arc”

Oda: I’d like to revise the story so that I can wrap up the “final arc” as soon as possible. 

Note – “Arc” in Japanese isn’t definitive of a singular arc that we normally think of in English, it’s more like a chapter/saga. 

Chapter 1054 will receive a color spread in commemoration of the manga’s 25th anniversary (late July

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