One Piece: All about Uranus – Ancient Weapon in Im-sama’s hands?


According to the One Piece 1060 spoiler, it seems that the Ancient Weapon Uranus is in the hands of Im-sama, the head of the World Government. What power does this weapon have? Let’s find out all the information about Uranus in this article.

What is Ancient Weapon?

Ancient Weapons is the name for special weapons possessing extremely destructive power. According to the revelations from One Piece, the Ancient Weapons are so powerful that they can cause global chaos, so the World Government has based on that, strictly forbidding people to learn about the Drum Century – the period of time. Ancient Weapons exist.

Until now, the Ancient Weapons have almost disappeared, but there are still people who aspire to possess them. That’s right, having an Ancient Weapon in hand, destroying an entire island is a trivial matter.

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How many Ancient Weapons are there?

one piece ancient weapon

According to the plot, One Piece has 3 Ancient Weapons including:

Pluton: a powerful battleship. Currently, Pluton is lying below Wano.

Poseidon: An ancient weapon in the form of a living creature, capable of giving orders to the Neptunes. Shirahoshi is now Poseidon.

Finally, we have Uranus, the Ancient Weapon that will be analyzed in the next section.

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What is the Ancient Weapon Uranus?


In fact, of the 3 Ancient Weapons, Uranus is the least mentioned name and also has the least information revealed. However, a few things can be guessed about this weapon.

Robin once said that the Ancient Weapons were named after gods. Pluton is from Pluto – god of the underworld. Poseidon takes its name directly from the god of the seas. Uranus takes its name from the sky god. Corresponding to the names, the names and locations of the Ancient Weapons also have interesting similarities. Pluton is a super ship in the depths of Wano kingdom, Poseidon has the power to control the “gods of the sea”. So, we can guess that Uranus is a “something” that exists in the sky!

In One Piece 1060, Im-sama – the head of the World Government – held a map with a dotted line on the island of Lulucia. Right after that, I saw a giant “cloud” drop something to destroy the island. According to many predictions, it is highly likely that the “other cloud” – or at least what it is carrying – is Uranus!

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Is this reasonable? The analysis makes a lot of sense. Why is it that out of the three Ancient Weapons, only Uranus is the least informative? Not even the Poneglyphs mention it. It is possible that Uranus has long belonged to the World Government – or rather its head – Im-sama. Because this weapon is always in the air, and is well hidden by the World Government, the information on the Poneglyph without Uranus is understandable.

Im-sama is the one above all, has a higher status than the Heavenly Dragon. Owning the “weapon of the sky” sounds reasonable.

Another detail that should also be discussed is the “stability” of the World Government during the 800 years since the Void Century. Maintaining “peace” for all this time, and still constantly erasing knowledge about the Empty Century, if the World Government has an “invincible” weapon, it is understandable. From this, it can be inferred that the prohibition of research on both the Void Century and the Ancient Weapons was so that no one could possess weapons against Uranus.

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The shape of Uranus

So, what kind of weapon is Uranus? According to Lag’s prediction, it is a giant machine placed on an “island in the sky” so it can fly. Uranus has a movement system, allowing it to go anywhere it wants. Uranus dropped something and destroyed an entire kingdom – sounds like the old story of America dropping atomic bombs on Japan thanks? Was Uranus an airplane?

The Power of Uranus

one piece uranus

If what destroyed the island of Lulucia was Uranus, then… the power of this Ancient Weapon was too great. Said to be able to reach any target and destroy everything before anyone could react. Also, because of the advantage in the air, almost no one can reach Uranus – except Luffy! Remember to see! In the battle with Kaido, Luffy Gear 5 even appeared from the cloud and fought with lightning!

Above is the information that Lag collected about the Ancient Weapon Uranus. Do you think Uranus is really in Im-sama’s possession? Will this weapon reveal anything more in the future? Leave a comment so we can chat together!

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