One Piece 1061 spoiler prediction: Bonney will be Yonko Luffy’s next ally!

One Piece 1061 spoiler prediction, chapter 1060 summary: Mysterious Supernova Bonney seems to be the next ally to accompany the Straw Hats. Meanwhile, are Sabo and Vivi still alive from Im-sama’s attack?

Summary of One Piece 1060

In chapter 1060, the Straw Hats learn about Sabo’s incident. Luffy doesn’t believe Sabo does what the press says. He then tells everyone on the tape about his true dream. Not being the Pirate King, this is the dream that Luffy once told Ace and Sabo.

Elsewhere, Sabo calls and informs Dragon that someone has sat on the throne of the World Government. He also announced his current location. Right in the next pages, I see Im-sama. In his hand was a map with the island where Sabo was hiding crossed out. Then, in the sky above the island, a large storm cloud appeared. Something fell, destroying the entire island.

In the final pages of the story, Luffy meets Bonney.

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Spoiler One Piece 1060: Sabo dies again? Im-sama’s power revealed!

One Piece 1061 spoiler prediction

one piece 1061

Why is Bonney here? Of the Supernovas, Bonney is the one with the most dubious past. Bonney has connections to quite a few characters. She also appeared in Reverie and cried when she saw Kuma being taken as a mount. Bonney is definitely a character who knows a lot of secrets and her meeting with the Straw Hats was probably meant to “give information” or would be a call for support. Either way, it looks like Bonney will be the companion of the Straw Hats in the next developments.

Theory: Bonney somehow saw Im-sama and now she will tell it to Luffy. However, since the Straw Hats still don’t know that Bonney is Bonney (since she’s in her child form), they have to wait for her to reveal her identity. It’ll probably be quick.

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About Sabo – are you dead? According to Lag, Sabo was able to leave Lulucia Island before Im-sama destroyed the island. In that sense, Vivi, Sabo (maybe even Cobra) are safe.

What is the weapon Im-sama used to destroy Lulucia island? According to many predictions, it is Uranus – one of the three Ancient Weapons. In One PIece, there have been a few “strange” islands that humans can’t live on. Could any of these be “remnants” from the destruction of Uranus?

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Spoiler One Piece 1061

One Piece 1061 spoiler will be updated as soon as possible, scheduled for September 21.

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One Piece release time 1061

One Piece Chapter 1061 is scheduled to be released on September 26, 2022 Japan time. Spoiler information will be update NOW IN THIS ARTICLE so if you don’t want to miss all the latest information, save this article or bookmark it now!

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