Obsession with… navel in Bollywood cinema


Bollywood, Indian cinema is full of navel shows. Just enter the phrase “navel queen”, you will immediately see the names of a series of famous stars such as Tamannah Bhatia, Katrina Kaif, Kirti Sanon… They even live with scenes of frying eggs, playing crops, chopping coconuts on their stomachs. .

“Crazy” navel

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For Indian cinema, the navel is an indispensable scene.

Nowhere has art and film “abused” the navel more than India. “From movies to commercials, to music… there are navels everywhere,” Vanrun (35 years old) admits. Not only now, when censorship is less strict, but since the last century, Bollywood has been full of navel scenes.

The most daring navel scene is probably in the movie Hot Shots (1991), with the participation of actor Charlie Sheen (USA). Sheen performed the scene of frying eggs on the bare belly of her co-star Valeria Golino (Italy). He also turned fried eggs on the belly into a classic scene. Many Indian films and actresses have reproduced this scene, such as the female star Vidya Balan.

Also in 1991, director K Raghavendra Rao (India) released the film Chinna Gounder. He impressed with the scene of actor Vijaykanth playing tricks on the stomach of his female co-star.

“I think the navel is the sexiest part of a woman’s body,” said Naren (25), explaining her fascination with movies with belly button scenes.

In addition to loving movies, “navel fans” also established online communities of navel lovers. The group of female star navel lovers Karisma Kapoor (1974) has 20 thousand members, the group of female star navel lovers Madhuri Dixit (1967) has up to 42,000 members.

Recently, a company in India also introduced a product “navel shaping machine”. They promote this item to help users have “ideally deep and round navel”.

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Statue of Didarganj Yakshi (B.C.) shows the standard of Indian female bodybuilding with a super deep navel.

Legendary Roots

Navel cult culture comes from South India. Traditionally, women here wear saris with a bare back, revealing the midsection. Like most Eastern cultures, India also believes that the navel is a sign of connecting life, especially emphasizing “the place where the umbilical cord is buried”.

The navel plays a symbolic role, representing the birth, the connection between people, and humanity with nature. In Hindu mythology, the navel of the supreme god Vishnu is the center of the universe, the source of life. From his navel, the world was born.

In ancient times, Indian women wore saris bare back but were not allowed to show their navel. They often cover their navel with a long, wide cloth that falls over one shoulder, wraps around their belly, and covers their ankles. Women are allowed to show their belly button, only dancers, acrobats, entertainers.

Although it was forbidden to open the navel, the ancient Indians were still enamored with the navel. In the oldest work “the room”, the Kama Sutra (written in Sanskrit), the navel is considered the most attractive body part. This book leaves a wealth of advice on how to care for and beautify the navel, encourage piercings, and wear jewelry for the navel. Archaeological discoveries also show that India has many types of jewelry dedicated to the waist.

Indian sculpture sympathizes with the navel. The best example is the statue of Didarganj Yakshi, Mauryan period (321 – 185 BC). It was carved from sandstone, exposing the deep navel.

Indian chiropractic examines women’s navel in detail. Sisters with deep belly button number are loved by their husbands. If you have a wide belly button, a lot of meat is lucky. The belly button is both deep and swirling to the right with many blessings and prosperity for life.

Obsession with… navel in Bollywood cinema - Photo 3.

Frying eggs on a woman’s belly is a classic Bollywood scene.

Suffering is hard to say

India severely censors kissing scenes, physical cuddling. However, for the navel alone, they do not place any restrictions. Many individuals using social networks also gain followers by only posting content related to the navel.

For Bollywood filmmakers, the “loose belly button” rule is the perfect advantage to attract audiences. Instead of “hot scenes” that are easily “banned”, they just need to “review” the beautiful navel. Many Bollywood movies have shown the female character’s navel in front of her face. In the work Avalude Ravukal released since 1978, the female star Seema (1957) “salutes” with her navel instead of a beautiful flower-like appearance.

However, overusing it becomes abuse. “Even when it’s not necessary, people keep stuffing the navel footage in,” noted Naren. The worst are the actresses.

“I got a whole coconut in my stomach,” said Taapsee Pannu (1987) miserably. The incident happened while she was filming a video of a Telugu song. In addition to Pannu, there were a few other actresses participating and they all filmed the scene with the belly button open. Outside staff threw flowers and fruit at them to support the shot.

“I knew it was part of the job, but I never expected them to throw a whole coconut at me,” Pannu complained.

Ileana D’Cruz (1986) was equally miserable. “In my first movie, I had to act in a scene where a piece of porcelain fell on my stomach. The piece of porcelain was quite big and heavy. My stomach hurt terribly. I was 18 years old at the time and didn’t understand why I had to endure filming this scene. What’s so charming about it?”.

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